456: Squid survival challenge MOD APK

New  Are you willing to take on the challenge of facing a gunshot and escape from a shot? Or you have dare to face death. Then red light survival game is truly designed for you. In shooting doll game, make your way towards the finish line and escape from the mortal doll shoot.
Accept the challenge of surviving death and become a champion in squid challenge. A person who is able to face any situation. In this Squid red light racing game, you have to run wisely for your life, however, you must pay close attention to the voice order of red light green light in squid challenge shooting game. When you see the green light, you must instantly begin running as fast as you can to cross the finish line in the required timeframe. And when you see a red light, you should stop and wait, at the place where you are, in this shooting doll challenge.

Start your mission in red light survival challenge and be aware since not all of you will live until the mission is completed. All players in the red light survival challenge are being watched by the Mortal doll. If a survivor runner attempts to move when the light is red, the mortal doll will eliminate the player. So, in squid game challenge when the green light turns on, all players should move and if you don’t care about it, the Squid Red light shooting doll is a dangerous game for you. Where your caution and patience will be put to the test. Your objective in red line survival game is to reach the final destination without getting caught by a deadly doll. When it says Green light, you can move; when it says Red light, you must freeze all movement or you will be eliminated. Keep in mind that there is a time restriction in squid doll game, so you must run as fast as you can if you don’t want to die a horrible death in Squid racing game.
Remember that anyone who fails to complete the task in red light green light survival game
for the given timeframe will be subjected to a gruesome death as a punishment. Every step you take might lead you to the end of your life’s journey. However, if you survive, you will become the Red light green light survival champion.
So put all your efforts to win the Squid survival challenge by reaching the winning point in the required time. You will surely enjoy this squid survival challenge.
Features of Squid survival mission.
Red light shooting doll is a really addictive game
Elegant and attractive graphics
Smooth and easy gameplay
Realistic sound effects
10 Challenging game levels with interesting rewards in return
Download and enjoy the squid survival mission. It’s a free squid racing game. Survive the death in Red line Survival race and you will enjoy the squid doll game. Share this red line survival game with your friends and don’t forget to give us five stars.

#1. 456: Squid survival challenge (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers
#2. 456: Squid survival challenge (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers
#3. 456: Squid survival challenge (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers
#4. 456: Squid survival challenge (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers

Name of Game: 456: Squid survival challenge

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456: Squid survival challenge MOD APK

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