Arrow Stick: Tap ‘n Shoot MOD APK

New  Arrow Stick is a quick reflex tap and shoot strategy game. Great fun for all ages and enthusiasts.

Tap screen to shoot arrows to spinning wheel avoiding hitting other arrows and obstacles. Use the perfect strategy to improve your skills and move to harder levels with fiery arrows and faster spinning wheels. Can you beat these rotating wheels? Download this game right now and challenge your friends.

How To Play:
Arrow Stick is easy to play hard to master:
– Just tap your screen to throw the arrows to the spinning wheels.
– Do not touch the other arrows and obstacles on some of the wheels
– Each level has certain amount of arrows to finish the level
– Each level is unique with different speed and rotating wheel designs

– Over 80 Levels to pass, more will be added every month
– Quick reflex tap style gameplay
– Most addictive tap and shoot style arrow game
– Find the hot spots on various wheels to slow it down or even to stop them
– Great Fun for everyone
– Great hand eye coordination

#1. Arrow Stick: Tap 'n Shoot (Android) By: Ferhat Ozdemir
#2. Arrow Stick: Tap 'n Shoot (Android) By: Ferhat Ozdemir
#3. Arrow Stick: Tap 'n Shoot (Android) By: Ferhat Ozdemir
#4. Arrow Stick: Tap 'n Shoot (Android) By: Ferhat Ozdemir

Name of Game: Arrow Stick: Tap ‘n Shoot

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Arrow Stick: Tap ‘n Shoot MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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