Callbreak Card Game MOD APK

New  CallBreak is an engaging card bidding game that can be played solo to win match points. Get your global ranking and break records in this all new card game.

Callbreak is similar to an online patti game with more interesting rules and added entertainment. Now playing cards can be interactive and easy. The lakdi game is very simple and with its straightforward UI, it is even easier to master the play card game to its full extent.

In-app content:

Make the Call break game download and get all set to enjoy the cool app experience.
The card game mainly focuses on bidding in rounds scaled from 1 to 8.
The user decides on the number of rounds to bid on out of which he/she gets awarded for every successful win in each round. The player gets awarded one point for every completed bid. The goal is to score points throughout the selected number of bids. Whatever is scored after achieving the target gets added as 0.1 points to the gained score.

Game rules:

– The chances are served in the clockwise direction.
– Select the number of bids from 1-8 and try to win it all.
– Four players play the game taking one chance at a time to drop the highest numbered card of the same type.
– Players are allowed to drop a card of a different type only when they don’t have it.
– Spade is treated as the trump card.
– When you have no other card to drop, the highest numbered spade can be dropped and this gives you a winning score.
– Download the call break card game and have a relaxing time ahead.

Player guide:

– Select the number of bids (Scaled from 1 to 8)
– Drop the highest numbered card from your set of cards
– If the opponent’s cards are smaller in numbers than yours’, you score a point.
– When it’s your turn to drop the cards, place the highest numbering card of the same type of the opponents’.(Example: If the opponent places K spade, try to drop A spade if you have it else drop a card of the same spade type.)
– Different card types are allowed to be dropped only when you don’t have a card of a particular type.
– The call break game gets you one point for every highest card you dropped compared to others in every round.
– Try hard and score full points for your selected number of bids.
– Winning after having achieved the target bids is considered as extra points and you’ll be awarded a 0.1 score in the card game.
– Failing to score in your selected bids would result in negative points.
– See your positioning and scores at the end of the 13th round.

– Aesthetic in-app animations
– Bright and clear card details
– A simple and supercool tash game for beginners
– Check global rankings after the end of every call break.
– Control the music and volume settings.
– Find the user help guide on the home screen to know FAQs and queries

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#1. Callbreak Card Game (Android) By: Tidda Games
#2. Callbreak Card Game (Android) By: Tidda Games
#3. Callbreak Card Game (Android) By: Tidda Games
#4. Callbreak Card Game (Android) By: Tidda Games

Name of Game: Callbreak Card Game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Callbreak Card Game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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