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New  Checkers game for two players

You can play Checkers game for two for free with a friend, partner, family, also against the robot, show that you are better than the robot in the game of checkers for two players.

To begin playing checkers, the pieces are placed on the first 12 squares or squares on each side of the board.

Each player alternately moves his pieces, always forward and diagonally, stepping on only the dark squares and one at a time, as long as they are not obstructed by one or more pieces of the same color or opponents.

When an opponent’s piece is placed on the next square, followed by an empty square, the piece in play “jumps” and “takes”, that is, it remains with the opponent’s piece and begins to occupy that square, now vacant.

If the same situation occurs in the following squares, the player can and must continue to “take” his opponent’s pieces until there are no more pieces or empty squares. This move is called “chain acquisition.”

“Match” is the name given to a set of tiles, which must always take place in an even number. “Open” refers to the opening moves of each game.

The first move in each game is called a “call” and it is the player with the white pieces who always folds. In later games, White alternates between the two players.

Players are entitled to two types of pieces: they start the game with “pawns”, the pieces with which they play and which become “checkers” when they manage to reach any of the four squares that make up the opposite end of the board.

Once this is achieved, the opponent will have to “crown” the pawn as queen, overlapping one of the pieces already captured on this piece.

If the opponent does not have a piece to crown the pawn, it will remain valid as queen, until the coronation.

Once crowned, the next move belongs to the opponent.

Both pawns and queens have two possible moves: no capture and with capture. The capture or take is compulsory and, if there are several possibilities of taking, the player will have to capture the greater amount of pieces available for it.

Following the same logic, the player will always have to capture the highest value pieces, with a queen naturally worth more than a pawn.

Once crowned, the queen will have to keep moving diagonally, going through the empty squares forward, but now she can also move backwards.

Have fun playing checkers with two players

If the queen finds, on one of her diagonals, an opponent’s piece, even on a non-adjacent square and followed by one or more empty squares, she can jump on the piece and occupy any of those squares.

If she continues to find pieces in these conditions, it is mandatory to capture all opposing pieces.

However, the queen cannot jump over pieces of her color or pieces of the opposite color placed on adjoining squares, nor can she step over the same piece twice.

On the other hand, she has the freedom to check a vacant house more than once.

Checkers game features

✔ Save game
✔ Simple and fun game, suitable for children and adults
✔ Exercise your brain
✔ Completely free and with few ads
✔ Simple user interface
✔ Compatible with all devices, including tablets
✔ Includes sounds (can be disabled) and HD images

#1. Checkers to play two (Android) By: XREADY GAMES
#2. Checkers to play two (Android) By: XREADY GAMES
#3. Checkers to play two (Android) By: XREADY GAMES
#4. Checkers to play two (Android) By: XREADY GAMES

Name of Game: Checkers to play two

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Checkers to play two MOD APK

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