Christmas: 456 Survival Squid MOD APK

New  Christmas is here and you are bored with routine life. Let’s start this red light and green light game which reminds you of childhood games. You will enter in the squid challenge survival game where you will play the different games and win the prize money in the game. Due to the christmas you will represent as a santa and your number is 456 survivor because this christmas: 456 survival game based on the players with numbers.

Don’t forget to be smart in 456 survival challenges like use your common sense and complete all the games like cookie carver or candy challenge missions. Because these all death games will lead you to the end of your life if you lose. The Dalgona challenge is very difficult. In practice you have to choose a shape as you are confident to craver the candy available shapes are square, circle, triangle and umbrella. This 456 survival game is based on a fish game run only when you see the greenlight and on red light you will stop as run 3d game. If you have played running games before then these survival challenge games are very easy for you.

The squid master also plays all the red challenge games with you to make a perfect team and win a tug of war game, jumping on a glass bridge after confirming the perfect glass. All k-games you will enjoy if you are a korean games lover. Download and enjoy this christmas: 456 survival squid game.

Games which you’re gonna play in this squid red light 456 survival.

Red light greenlight
Marbles games
Tug of war
Final battle
Dalgona candy challenge
Jumping glass bridge

#1. Christmas: 456 Survival Squid (Android) By: BEETROOT GAMES
#2. Christmas: 456 Survival Squid (Android) By: BEETROOT GAMES
#3. Christmas: 456 Survival Squid (Android) By: BEETROOT GAMES
#4. Christmas: 456 Survival Squid (Android) By: BEETROOT GAMES

Name of Game: Christmas: 456 Survival Squid

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Christmas: 456 Survival Squid MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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