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New  Collect The Drop is a casual game controlled by the gyro-sensor or accelerometer of your mobile devices. The core concept of the game is to collect all the water drops available through an actor drop which will be controlled by the player. This game is divided into multiple levels in which the player has to collect all the drops spread on a canvas/Object. As the player successfully collects all the drops, he/she will jump to the next level. While playing the game. There will be many challenges that players will face. These challenges are designed in such a way that they can create an emerging impact on the gameplay and hold the player’s interest in the game till the end.

In the beginning, stages/levels are comparatively easy to give an overview to the player, but as we move further in the game, the levels will become more and more challenging and interesting. As the player progresses through the game, he/she will face many hurdles in the stages, like drain Holes, Ice Lasers, and Different types of Saws, which will destroy the actor drop, if the player collides with them. We have also implemented the chance/life system in the game, to make it even more challenging and interesting for the players.

#1. Collect The Drop (Android) By: TrueForm Games
#2. Collect The Drop (Android) By: TrueForm Games
#3. Collect The Drop (Android) By: TrueForm Games
#4. Collect The Drop (Android) By: TrueForm Games

Name of Game: Collect The Drop

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Collect The Drop MOD APK

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