Color by Number Love Story Romance Club Coloring MOD APK

New  🎨Color 📖Read book 💖Love stories
Mobile game Color Love: fun and reading in one set!
We decided to offer a completely new direction. The mobile game “Color Love” skillfully combines hand-made creativity and pleasant leisure: we have combined into one the beloved coloring by numbers and the fascinating romantic stories. Now you can color and read the stories at the same time!

In the game you will find romantic stories about first love, amorousness, loyalty and jealousy, friendship and dating. Looking at the relationships between a boy and a girl (a man and a woman) get evolve, you will gradually rich the story with colours, making the life of the heroes filled with true happiness and brightness. This is a kind of love therapy: embodying the plot conceived by the author with the help of a palette of colors, you program your life for luck and the for desires coming true.
Unique mobile coloring book with love stories
Coloring by numbers applications are unique in a way that even those who have never studied in an art school, but have always dreamed of painting a real masterpiece, can cope with them. All you need is to download the application, following the prompts and paint the segments selected via the palette. It’s fun, exciting and interesting. And if you at the same time dive into original romantic stories, then time will fly by!
Unlike classic coloring apps, the Color Love mobile app has a unique storyline that develops in a sequence of pictures.
Who is the Color by Number Love Story app for?
The mobile game will be interesting for teenagers from 12 years old and adults. It does not require any special artistic skills. Coloring by numbers is easy even for children – they can do it without assistance. The benefits of a reading and coloring app include:
➤original idea;
➤large selection of plots;
➤unlimited use time – read and color whenever you have free minutes and desire;
You can download the mobile game to your phone and tell your friends and acquaintances about it – this is a great way to bring joy to those who are dear to you.
Benefits of Mobile Coloring Book Color Love 👍

Psychologists have been using art therapy (healing by creativity) for many years to resolve internal conflicts and gain a sense of integrity in a person. The new game-application “Color Love” is not just a pleasant pastime. This game:
➤helps to develop good motor skills, memory, aesthetic taste, imagination;
➤soothes, allowing you to relax, forget about pressing problems and overcome depression;
➤teaches care, consistency;
➤allows you to realize your creative potential, become more confident in your abilities and capabilities.
Children who love to read are usually more literate than their peers who do not like to take books in their hands. This is due to the fact that the correct spelling of words and punctuation are involuntarily memorized thanks to visual memory. If you still haven’t found an approach to your child and can’t convince him that reading is good for intellectual development, install a mobile coloring book with romantic stories. They do not need to be forced to read: all stories are written in an easy, well-perceived style. The adolescents gets attracted with the stories due to their growing up and interest in relationships between opposite sexes.
The app is especially useful for adults. It is quite easy to learn, has a favorable effect on concentration of attention, and activates mental activity. Light intellectual activity is useful for almost all people.

#1. Color by Number Love Story Romance Club Coloring (Android) By: ALEXANDER BABKIN
#2. Color by Number Love Story Romance Club Coloring (Android) By: ALEXANDER BABKIN
#3. Color by Number Love Story Romance Club Coloring (Android) By: ALEXANDER BABKIN
#4. Color by Number Love Story Romance Club Coloring (Android) By: ALEXANDER BABKIN

Name of Game: Color by Number Love Story Romance Club Coloring

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Color by Number Love Story Romance Club Coloring MOD APK

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