Cookie: 456 Survival Game MOD APK

New  Welcome to the red light and green light squids game where you will participate in a sequel of 6 days and 6 games for a prize money of 45.6 billion won virtual money in this squid challenge game. On the first day you will be guided how to play and you will proceed to the battleground where you will play the red light green light squid challenge survival game. All dalgona or k challenge games are based on the money prize you have to win the battle and the become the squids survival games. Win all the survival challenge and the prize money will be put into the piggy bank and all the money released on the day 6 after the 6th game ends. This squid survival challenge game is the best among all survival games. This squid survival challenge 3d game the 456 players will play in the squid and only 1 player will win the 45.6 billions to make his/her life. You are the last player who is invited to play the squid challenge and every player has the number from 1-456 and your number in this squid 456 survival game is 456 number.

Let’s talk about the squid challenges by day.
1: On day one you will play Red light Green Light
2: On second day you will play the cookie carver survival challenge where you will provided the four shapes to choose like triangle, circle, square and umbrella
3: On third day you will play the marbles games
4: Tug of war game is settled where you will choose your team and survive in the squid
5: Jumming glass and the challenge to reach the finish line one glass is perfect and some are tempered glasses.
6: final battle take down the competitor and win all the prize money virtually

Green light mine survival or octopus survival challenges are difficult. Are you ready for the k challenge 456 survival game. Many survival games mentioned above which you can say are the best survival multiplayer k challenge 456 final battle games.

#1. Cookie: 456 Survival Game (Android) By: Booggy
#2. Cookie: 456 Survival Game (Android) By: Booggy
#3. Cookie: 456 Survival Game (Android) By: Booggy
#4. Cookie: 456 Survival Game (Android) By: Booggy

Name of Game: Cookie: 456 Survival Game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Cookie: 456 Survival Game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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