Cyberpunk Runner® MOD APK 0.64 (Unlimited Ammo)

You play as a legendary Cyberpunk Runner who needs to run across the neon lit futuristic Cyberpunk themed, Science Fiction(Sci-Fi) City while dodging Hovercars and Cyber Robots as they come in your way.

Cyberpunk god, his daughter & the entire universe is counting on you to make new records.

Cyber robots blocking your route, are out there to kill you, shoot them with your Sci- Fi gun or slide down to attack them. Any delay while dealing with Cyber robots could be lethal.

Dodge the high speed Hovercars coming your way or blast them with a Sci-Fi bomb.

Enjoy the exciting personalized endless journey where your username would be highlighted on neon sign boards of Cyberpunk themed , Futuristic ,Science Fiction city as you make the run.

A Realtime in game commentary by Cyberpunk God would keep you engaged, entertained & motivated throughout your gameplay. Beware, Cyberpunk god can be sarcastic at times.

Always remember, You are the best but don’t take too much pressure on yourself, legend. We are sure that you a such a legend that you’ll break all your records in this game.

– Enjoy Personalized gaming experience. Your username would be flashed on the main menu & the neon sign boards of Cyberpunk City though out your run.
– Realtime In-game commentary & Voice prompts to keep you engaged, entertained & motivated.
– Natively Gamepad compatible
– Endless runner with a twist of FPS(First Person Shooter)
– Exciting IAP products to buy & unlock with in app currency
– 3 amazing Game modes to suit different device hardware requirements.
– Cool slow motion effect during bomb throws
– Ability to collect- ammo, bombs, shields & smash during your run.
– Collect in game currency to unlock features in the game.

Important Consumer Information. This app may require a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply).

Name of Game: Cyberpunk Runner®

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):

Cyberpunk Runner®
Price: Free+

Cyberpunk Runner® MOD APK 0.64 (Unlimited Ammo)

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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