Eclipsis: Idle Tycoon Game MOD APK

New  Welcome to the harsh world of the cursed wasteland! The best idle miner simulator of evolution for fans of the post-apocalypse. After the fall of a huge asteroid, the planet turned into ruins. The giant nuclear explosion turned the planet inside out, and most of the population died from the toxic fallout, leaving behind piles of twisted metal and rare settlements. Brave people desperately trying to survive in the cruel climate and lack of food turned into mining stalkers. Their only hope is a valuable energy resource, formed from the fall of an asteroid and hiding deep in the caves. The locals called it Eclipsis. It would be untrue to say that its prey comes easy. It requires a lot of effort and knowledge of past generations that have almost turned to dust. You will have to master the desert lands and establish your settlement in the face of a severe shortage of resources. Collect valuable resources and manage them properly. Also, get ready to fight with the local unfriendly and harsh nature, which tries to spoil all the efforts. Hire miners, build special factories, attract special mining equipment that can work under these conditions, and upgrade it as much as you can. In this mining game, you can build a truly powerful and rich idle colony and rein in the lifeless lands of the wasteland.

— Create stalkers to mine a valuable resource Eclipsis
— Build delivery drones and warehouses for storing Eclipsis
— Send Eclipsis for sale by railway road
— Explore new technologies and improve existing ones
— Construct factories to process mined ore into Eclipsis
— Buy Robots to mine ore at the caves more efficiently
— Clean base from the stones and rocks
— Tap on the buildings to manage the resources of the planet
— Upgrade all units and build the thriving colony
— Choose the business development strategy of your post-apocalyptic civilization
— Play when you have time, the idle gameplay will not interrupt
— Get bonuses and simulate progress when playing
— Choose what is best to build at the moment, which resource do you need more
— Play offline, no internet needed unlike most evolution games

Play the most exciting idle wasteland simulator whenever you can! Believe us, it has nothing in common with most clicker games. Ready to play? Start your business, make money, and act as a real manager in your idle world!

#1. Eclipsis: Idle Tycoon Game (Android) By: Глущенко Игорь
#2. Eclipsis: Idle Tycoon Game (Android) By: Глущенко Игорь
#3. Eclipsis: Idle Tycoon Game (Android) By: Глущенко Игорь
#4. Eclipsis: Idle Tycoon Game (Android) By: Глущенко Игорь

Name of Game: Eclipsis: Idle Tycoon Game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Eclipsis: Idle Tycoon Game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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