Encounter FPS secret mission MOD APK

New  Welcome to Encounter FPS secret mission game which allows you to experience the new mobile-friendly epic modern action shooter army combat FPS game. You will play the role of master survivor sniper shooter in this game.

Features of Encounter FPS secret mission:
Five different environment modes
Advance FPS shooting army battle game
Modern sniper FPS shooter
Epic survival terrorist game
Modern weapons/guns
Advanced enemy AI
Simple and understandable mobile-friendly controls

In this Encounter FPS secret mission army soldier battle game you have to go to the terrorist-controlled area and secure the war zone for your friendlies. This epic combat shooting game will help you to rate your sniper shooter skills. In this game you have some deadly missions to complete, you will either survive or die as you are on a helicopter rescue mission and your bird has lost its engine and the pilot has landed it in the enemy territory, you are under heavy fire your task is to survive until the friendlies arrive and rescue you from this deadly war zone. As you are on a general patrol you don’t have much ammo so be careful. Keep your eyes open for your friendlies.

The epic royale war Encounter FPS secret mission game has a lot of challenges for you but you are lucky as you have the modern era weapons, guns, rifles, pistols, grenades, etc, so keep an eye on the enemy and strike them with bullets. Your army unit is moving on a bridge and the terrorists have attacked the bridge and damaged it you have only two options either die or live, shoot down the cruel enemy before they hit you.

This real and unique Encounter FPS secret mission games offer you to enjoy the amazing sniper shooter experience as you have to shoot down the enemies from the sniper rifle as they have kidnapped the high military spy officer, you have to rescue the senior officer. As he is taken hostage so be careful and free him from the cruel enemy. The detained army spy soldier’s life is at risk so you have to give your best.

As this Encounter FPS secret mission game has extremely new modes to experience so now you have to shoot down the enemies from the rooftop of the hut and clear their base until the friendlies arrive and take control of the enemy fortress. You have very limited time as the clock is ticking a lot faster than your expectation.

As you are well trained for making your own history on wars, Encounter FPS secret mission has some more deadly and perfect required missions for you. In the next task, the enemy has attacked your military base and you have to kill the enemy. you have to fight for freedom till your last breath. Each drop of blood or your good move will move you towards your freedom.

Play the modern epic Encounter FPS secret mission game and experience the awesome shooting joy. don’t forget to figure out all the new features in this epic combat sniper rescue game and also don’t forget to share your reviews with us. For any queries, you can contact our customer support, we would be working for your better experience.

Good luck!

#1. Encounter FPS secret mission (Android) By: zgamespk
#2. Encounter FPS secret mission (Android) By: zgamespk
#3. Encounter FPS secret mission (Android) By: zgamespk
#4. Encounter FPS secret mission (Android) By: zgamespk

Name of Game: Encounter FPS secret mission

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Encounter FPS secret mission MOD APK

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