Evil Plush Toy Horror MOD APK

Evil Plush Toy Horror is an atmospheric horror in which the main focus is on research, solving puzzles, and the most important goal is to survive!
Events are developing in two locations, which will be even more in the future.

The game starts with a shopping mall, something suddenly happens in it and you have to figure out what happened and get out of here alive. But all the moves are locked… Teddy bear Poppy will help you with this. To do this, he will ask you to fulfill his request: Find 3 small bears that are in different places, but one bear is in the warehouse, only to get there you need a key.

The hero is being chased by an unkillable monster, so it is necessary to hide and not get caught by the creature.

Having dealt with this, you will go to the factory where it all started … There was an accident and now the place is abandoned. The protagonist of Poppy Playtime will have to reveal the truth that the walls of the creepy factory hide in themselves.
During the passage, the hero will meet toys such as Huggy, Catbee, Poppy and others.
It is better to act in the game as quietly as possible. You will need not to give yourself away so that the monster does not know the location of the hero. The game is waiting for a huge amount of fun, as well as a lot of scary and atmospheric moments.
Years later, you must investigate an abandoned factory and uncover the truth.
Go to explore the environment, study the locations, collect the necessary information that will help you uncover the main secret and escape from this ill-fated place as quickly as possible. Pass the tests, uncover dark secrets to cope with more difficult situations.

Name of Game: Evil Plush Toy Horror

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Evil Plush Toy Horror MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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