Fidget Toys Collection 3D MOD APK

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Relax your mind and have something to do when you are boring. Have a break!
When you need relaxation, diversion or just a moment of distraction enjoy this collection of toys: hear the sound of a bamboo chime, play with wooden boxes, swipe gently your finger in the water, tap buttons, draw with chalks and so on! Are you waiting for something and you need a diversion? Open Antistress app and start playing with a Newton cradle! Are you furious with someone? Have some relaxation with the never-old fifteen game! Do you need distraction from study? Open Fidget Toy Collection App and choose one among dozens of toys to play!

Take your time and live a moment of diversion.
Much more games will coming include also an antistress Bamboo chime, a finger scale and some dirty windows to clean!

Plus, this stress relief app is constantly updated with new antistress toys every 2 weeks, to help you calm down your anxiety with always fresh contents, like finger spinner, finger cube, slime and a bunch of anxiety free toys.

Join Fidget Toys Collection 3D — the most popular relaxing game filled with lots of fidget trading and trendy fidget toys.

Tired of boring antistress games with no gameplay but still want to relax? Look no further because Fidget Toys 3D is a perfect anxiety relief game just for you!

A lot of Fidget toys 3D will make you satisfied!

Some of our fidget toys is coming:
– Pop it Fidget
– Fidget Bubble
– Fidget Cube
– Fidget spinner
– Fidget Dodecagon
– Bean Toy
– Slime
– Slice Sand
– Bubble Wrap
– Shredded Game
and More…

Let play and have fun!!!

#1. Fidget Toys Collection 3D (Android) By: TalentGame
#2. Fidget Toys Collection 3D (Android) By: TalentGame
#3. Fidget Toys Collection 3D (Android) By: TalentGame
#4. Fidget Toys Collection 3D (Android) By: TalentGame

Name of Game: Fidget Toys Collection 3D

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Fidget Toys Collection 3D MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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