Fighting Adventures MOD APK

New  Light-hearted and hilarious placement RPG game
Join the secondary alien world, hundreds of funny hero characters, waiting for you to collect!
Explore all kinds of [anime], [gods], [three kingdoms] characters, so you can walk with wind and save the other world easily.

=== Game features == ==

◈24 hours of hang-up, placed to upgrade without pressure ◈
Simple to start, want to play when you want to play on, second to second upgrade without interruption! Let you focus on teaming up and concentrate on the adventure, no need to explode liver!

◈ Super rich character album, to create the strongest combat power ◈
◈A variety of [anime], [fairy], [Three Kingdoms] and other characters, so you can match a hundred pairs, with the strongest adventure team!

◈ Character development, story / destiny is up to you ◈
◈Multiple character development system allows you to break through the limits of mortals and have the aura of a protagonist.

◈ Mining and treasure hunting, exploring underground bosses!
Here, you are the real hunter! Explore the underground treasures and catch these demon bosses to let them know that the protagonist is here!

◈ Competitive battle, multiplayer cross-services battle
The competition is not only to compete with other players to win the first throne, but also full of benefits to receive, to dominate the world, it is you!

◈Laughable interaction, jokes book to help ◈
The rich joke encyclopedia is updated in real time; open it and laugh, all the boredom of the day will be swept away!

◈Diverse benefits, unlimited gifts!
You will get 10 consecutive draws upon login! There are many more benefits waiting for you to receive, not afraid that you will not receive, but afraid that you will receive until your hands are cramped!

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#1. Fighting Adventures (Android) By: jingde
#2. Fighting Adventures (Android) By: jingde
#3. Fighting Adventures (Android) By: jingde
#4. Fighting Adventures (Android) By: jingde

Name of Game: Fighting Adventures

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Fighting Adventures MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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