Football game, one player MOD APK

New  Play the best soccer in stadium arena simulator in your phone or tablet, legendary competition from the best international sports games in the world.
The mobile app is the new game of 2021.
Free style of simple control – to score free kicks, soccer penalties and a goal at the right time, slide your finger across the screen in the direction of the goal, setting the trajectory and speed of the soccer ball, bypassing the defenders.
Our game real football mini allows you to play, beat free kicks for one player in the world. It has simple graphics and only 9 levels, which differ in the number of players in the goal-defenders team (from 0 to 3) and the speed of movement of the little men.
You have five attempts to score a soccer ball in order to get to a higher difficult level, the goal is to score and get three goals into the goal. Avoid the soccer ball hitting the defender.
After using five soccer balls, the current level of soccer will be reloaded for free, without the Internet, offline. The number of such updates is unlimited – unlimited training, develop the best strategy and tactics for playing soccer, gain experience by increasing your level of endurance, agility, ability to score the best soccer ball into the goal in difficult conditions. After completing all the levels, become a hero and call yourself I am a legend.
The Football application works offline, without the Internet, for free.
You can immerse yourself in the best football and start playing soccer immediately after downloading the soccer app – the game does not require player registration.
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#1. Football game, one player (Android) By: Andron
#2. Football game, one player (Android) By: Andron
#3. Football game, one player (Android) By: Andron
#4. Football game, one player (Android) By: Andron

Name of Game: Football game, one player

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Football game, one player MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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