Forklift Drive Simulator Games MOD APK

New  Get ready to become a forklift driver with forklift game! Forklift games are based on loading loads to a truck.

Truck games are the most popular games on the market, but there are also forklift games that are just as fun as truck games! Our game is based on transporting cargo to a truck with a forklift. As such it is the perfect blend of two unique games, both a truck game and a forklift game!

2021 will delight those who want to play forklift games! Exciting moments await you in this flawless simulation that we have been developing for years.

How to Play?

The forklift driving game, which we created after long editing processes, is a game that appeals to the user experience and has easy-to-play and binding tasks. When you start the game, you can start to get to know the keys to control your vehicle.

You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the vehicle, you can also use the steering wheel if you want!

Thanks to the many camera angles, you can see the load from different points and place it on the forklift in the most accurate way and transport it to the truck without any mistakes. You can also drive in first person view to feel like you are driving a real forklift!

Forklift driving game is not only built on driving, there are many missions that you have to complete in the game. As you complete these missions, you can earn in-game points and unlock new models with these points!

The missions will get harder and harder, but don’t worry! We believe that you will be a great forklift driver and complete all missions perfectly!


The forklift simulator is advantageous in many ways! It can give you an insight into the life of a forklift driver and teach you how to operate a forklift safely. In addition, the forklift simulator is a perfect simulation for those who want to learn to drive this vehicle!

Forklift simulator games can help you learn how to maneuver in tight spaces and also learn many other skills that you would need if you wanted to become a forklift driver. If you are looking for a forklift driving school this game is for you!

Playing forklift games requires attention, your coordination improves when you try to load the loads without dropping them on the truck! Start improving your attention skill with forklift loading game!

We used flawless graphics technology to offer a realistic forklift game experience! In this way, you will feel yourself in the game with 3D graphics!

#1. Forklift Drive Simulator Games (Android) By: ZX Tasarım
#2. Forklift Drive Simulator Games (Android) By: ZX Tasarım
#3. Forklift Drive Simulator Games (Android) By: ZX Tasarım
#4. Forklift Drive Simulator Games (Android) By: ZX Tasarım

Name of Game: Forklift Drive Simulator Games

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Forklift Drive Simulator Games MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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