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New  Our game is a fun and colorful collection of Crosswords that tell the story from the book – “Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus”. You will have a great immersive experience with the classical beloved book by Mary Shelley, with the completion of each crossword. The book tells the story of an inventor Victor Frankenstein, who must face his invention. You can fully enjoy all of the stories in your own time. It is fun to read, but it can be just a little bit boring sometimes. Our game makes the experience of reading fresh and engaging by adding crossword puzzles to it, that keeps your brain stimulated while reading. You need to think about sentences and complete the missing words. An interactive and engaging experience that allows you to focus on the meaning of the words and not just passively repeat words you read.
At each level, you will be presented with a section from the story, with a few missing words, that you can fill out by solving the Crossword puzzle below the text. Each letter you fill will appear inside the text itself. We made the game very easy to control, it requires just a single touch on each letter below the crossword. All the words are colored in unique colors. Letters outside the crossword are colored too, the player needs to fill the letters into words by touching them in the correct order in the words. Each letter that the player touches will jump right into the first available place in a word with the same color. If the letter is in the wrong place, it will be marked with a yellow dot that will blink. The player can easily correct the placement of a letter in the wrong place, by touching it, it will jump outside, and then the player should touch the right letter belonging to the next free place in the words. The letters that belong to two words are marked with diagonal lines, with colors from both words. When a user touches such a letter, it jumps right into its correct place.
The story is split into levels, with 3403 levels in total. The game always remembers the last level that the player played, so the player can always continue by pressing on a “Play” button on the main screen. The player can jump to other sections by selecting the number of the level in the “Levels” screen. To refresh the memory, the player can jump back with “Back”, in the top part of the game screen, or jump to the next level with the “Next” button.
The player can control a difficulty slider to adjust the complexity of the puzzle from easy to normal, and even hard. Difficulty slider provides a highly customizable and individual challenge for each player. The player can start with easy difficulty and progress at their own pace to harder difficulties. The differences between the difficulties are defined by the number of missing letters in the crossword.
The game conveys relaxing feelings by using forest background images.
While playing, the game shows exactly how many letters the user moved at the top of the screen.
The game comes with six music tracks that are playing in the background that can be stopped or skipped. The volume of the music can be adjusted in the “Settings” screen. Sound effects can be adjusted or muted separately from the music.
The game allows for the user to set reminders for each day when to play the game. Each daily reminder can be adjusted by the player. In the “Settings” screen, a day can be turned off by pressing on the day, and all reminders can be completely turned off by a single press on the “Reminders” button.
Our game is supported by ads that are shown occasionally before levels, but the player also can purchase once the option to remove the ads forever. We encourage the users who don’t like advertisements, to use this option.
We value user experience highly and seek to improve our products in the future. Please contact us with any feedback by an email: [email protected], response within 48 hours.

#1. Frankenstein Crossword (Android) By: Zeus SoftwareTools
#2. Frankenstein Crossword (Android) By: Zeus SoftwareTools
#3. Frankenstein Crossword (Android) By: Zeus SoftwareTools
#4. Frankenstein Crossword (Android) By: Zeus SoftwareTools

Name of Game: Frankenstein Crossword

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Frankenstein Crossword MOD APK

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