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New  Gravity Hero is a hybrid of physics based puzzle solving and 2D platforming games, where you need to use the rules of gravity and physics to win. Your mission is to master gravity by helping your Hero to get to the exit by drawing shapes and lines, and in the meantime collect all gems, which can be used to purchase cool accesories. You can also earn stars by completing levels fast and with a low number of drawn shapes.

You can help your character by drawing lines, or you can create 2D polygons and shapes (which are much heavier than the lines and behave differently) by drawing a line that intersects itself.
If you prefer, you can activate Precision Mode (a zoomed in display), so you can draw more easily.

This game is about puzzles, physics and problem solving, so it is good in developing your cognitive functions, logic and motor skills, but most importantly the game is also a lot of fun for everyone, adults and kids as well. Playing with physics always means great time.

Gravity Hero comes with 50 unique levels, and we plan to update it on a regular basis, and add new levels and other features.

Thank you for reading this far, and we hope you will really enjoy our game!

#1. Gravity Hero (Android) By: BunnySoftHun
#2. Gravity Hero (Android) By: BunnySoftHun
#3. Gravity Hero (Android) By: BunnySoftHun
#4. Gravity Hero (Android) By: BunnySoftHun

Name of Game: Gravity Hero

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Gravity Hero MOD APK

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