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New  Horizon Midnight – online planes with stunning graphics, a huge variety of vehicles. The most famous planes are sent to battle to defend the honor of their country! Jump at the controls of your plane and don’t let go of the trigger until you’ve cleared the entire sky of enemies! Dominate the skies and upgrade your warplane!

As a fighter pilot, fly a fighter plane to fight enemy planes. If you love to play fighter plane games and become a pro airplane pilot for free then you are in the right place, just install this modern war plane game and ready for 3d border air strike. Also your mission in this offline ace game is to fly JF16 to shoot terrorists bunkers. Your mission will be different on different difficult levels, firstly, you need to land a border strike in space and avoid countering air attacks. You have to follow the map, aim at the enemy combat plane and shoot at it.Your heartbeat will stop as you see enemy jets attack your back, ready to lock onto a target on your plane to destroy it. You would have no way to avoid the takeoff and fall of your jf16 jet. Super-jet forces are dominated by fighters from the Air Force of all countries. American planes and spaceships are very smart, rockets in jet planes with different ranges are very useful for fighting and firing at enemy planes.
What are you expecting from an ace ?? Just install the jet fighter game and enjoy all the above features. Also become a professional pilot by playing this jet simulator for free. Don’t miss the chance to play autonomous jet simulator and perform airborne surgical strikes.

#1. Horizon Midnight (Android) By: CRAZY.DEVS
#2. Horizon Midnight (Android) By: CRAZY.DEVS
#3. Horizon Midnight (Android) By: CRAZY.DEVS
#4. Horizon Midnight (Android) By: CRAZY.DEVS

Name of Game: Horizon Midnight

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Horizon Midnight MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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