Idle Tank, DPS, and Healer MOD APK

New  Having been chosen as the savior of the world, you receive a mysterious summoning scroll.
Summon legendary heroes and wipe out endless hordes of monsters attacking you!
Use various Gears and Artifacts and get infinitely stronger!

■ The world’s first idle party-based RPG.
A unique and distinguished Idle RPG with the combination of a tank, DPS, and a healer.
Consistently earn Gold without connecting to the game! Kill monsters in one hit and obtain double rewards!
Endless ways to power up! Upgrade, summon, use Artifacts, and utilize other means to make the strongest team!

■ Enjoy the game with friends across the globe
Befriend users with the chat feature.
Join forces and defeat the giant evil boss.

■ Endless Competition! Various unique competitive content
You can battle against users all over the world through 3v3 party-play and PvP.
Raise your Combat Power, World Stage, and DMG rank to rise among all users as the one with the strongest party!

#1. Idle Tank, DPS, and Healer (Android) By: Sponge Mobile
#2. Idle Tank, DPS, and Healer (Android) By: Sponge Mobile
#3. Idle Tank, DPS, and Healer (Android) By: Sponge Mobile
#4. Idle Tank, DPS, and Healer (Android) By: Sponge Mobile

Name of Game: Idle Tank, DPS, and Healer

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Idle Tank, DPS, and Healer MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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