Kissy missy piano game MOD APK

New  If you are tired overly easy game and you to hard expert games and other music that just increase the Speedy of melodies to make the game more difficulté , you’re in the right game kissy missy piano game where you have level blue pink 2 for all! Tap your way to the top!

You can play the most popular sang of sound track :

. New battle
. sang Maker with bleu pink
. PIANO sang app Day Forever Play ground Remake offline poppy playtime
. Dance Young MUSIC Piano
. Free Divorce and Game Mod Expurgation

+Tap the bLUE tiles and find the kissy picture.
+ Tape and hold on the blue tile spring
+ Tap double black tiles quickly, but not at the Samer time word.
+ Repeatedly tap the big black tiles hot mod until the number on it decrease

1+ Free Daily Chester mod
2+ Masters challenge kicks off! Reach the peak experience of speed challenge.
3+ The sangs and speed of the notes are interactive and controle by your battle animales
4+ You can add sangs animals to your favorite, play both classical music to enrich your playing experience .
5+ Easy to master with visuel effect incomparable idol
Game roules:
+Tap on the black tiles while listings to music.
+Avoied the white ones! Hurry now! Enjoy classical and playtime, challenge your friends He love, improve your tapping speed!.
+Compete with your friends and speed up your fingers net marbre

This game is not An official app. There is no copie righted Matériel, Everything we make is Done by Us

#1. Kissy missy piano game (Android) By: Biza App LTD
#2. Kissy missy piano game (Android) By: Biza App LTD
#3. Kissy missy piano game (Android) By: Biza App LTD
#4. Kissy missy piano game (Android) By: Biza App LTD

Name of Game: Kissy missy piano game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Kissy missy piano game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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    I am a 4085-year-old alien who loves to write books, songs, and just about anything else. I read books about as often as most people drink water, and I almost always have one with me. I play a lot of Tabletop RPG's (especially Dungeons and Dragons, but that's not the only one I play) and I just recently started painting miniatures.


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