Mega Tower: Merge Defense MOD APK

New  Welcome to the fantasy world in Mega Tower: Merge Defense BTD, where you will enjoy the epic royale battle BTD to defeat the mighty takeover. Protect your mighty colony, unlock and merge your mega tower and bot turret bloons to knock down enemy waves.

Can you master this royale battle? You need to summon a genius strategy? Watch out! The royale defense game got more serious! Become the tower defense, last and best hope against the rush of evil bots invading your colony.

How to play Mega Tower: Merge Defense BTD?
– Tap to target enemies
– Main unit will shoot automatically when enemies reach the attack range
– Slide to merge new unit to power up your army
– Unlock slot and archer after passing levels

Features in Mega Tower: Merge Defense BTD:
– Casual tower defense
It’s an idle strategy game but you need to choose your target manually.
– Real-time strategy
Build your mega tower that fire endlessly and automatically at any invaders reaching your colony. Defend your colony and battle against enemies using the best strategy.
– New thing to explore
Clear levels to earn rewards and boosters to protect your mega tower and forge a better strategy. Upgrade towers, bloons and craft brand-new defenses between royale battles. Unlock new worlds with the fresh challenges and fascinating environment.

Are your ready to protect your colony? Grow your tower by merging unit and protect your colony now!

#1. Mega Tower: Merge Defense (Android) By: Double Times
#2. Mega Tower: Merge Defense (Android) By: Double Times
#3. Mega Tower: Merge Defense (Android) By: Double Times
#4. Mega Tower: Merge Defense (Android) By: Double Times

Name of Game: Mega Tower: Merge Defense

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Mega Tower: Merge Defense MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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