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The quintessentially Chinese puzzle game, Chinese Woodcraft, has won several awards presented by the Palace Museum, IMGA, Indieplay, etc., and was inducted into the French museum, Musée Guimet. Now, open Chinese Woodcraft, enter this museum of wood joinery and enjoy stimulating challenges using space and imagination.

Game Features
Won Countless Domestic and International Awards
Gold Award at The Palace Museum X Tencent 2016 Game Creativity Contest 2016
Invited to participate in the Palace Museum’s international forum on “Culture & Technology” November 2017
Invited to participate in the China Museum’s Creativity exhibition, Impressions of China, in May 2018 and was showcased at the Louvre, Paris in June 2018
Inducted into the French museum, Musée Guimet Jan 30, 2019
First place in the Game Category of the Beijing Cultural Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition August 2019
Won Best Design at the China Art Games Competition August 2019
Won the Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award 2019 in November 2019
Nominated for Best Mobile Game and Most Innovative Game at IndiePlay 2019

Spatial Reasoning Challenge
Inspired by Chinese wood joining, Chinese Woodcraft is a straightforward game that requires players to solve puzzles using spatial reasoning. Players need to examine wood joint blueprints and craft the pieces of wood using simple on-screen commands, such as tapping and removing, etc., to conjoin the pieces and solve the puzzle.

Learn through Play
Blueprints for wooden joints from the missions are saved on the “Museum” interface. Players can freely dismantle each joint and enjoy a 360 view to showcase the secrets behind wood joinery, sharing the history of Chinese culture.

Unleash Your Imagination
“Challenge” mode provides players with an online community to share wood joinery designs. Here, players use their imagination to design puzzles for other players to solve. Chinese Woodcraft not only offers an enjoyable gaming experience, but a platform where players can apply what they have learned.


Name of Game: Mudoku: Chinese Woodcraft

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Mudoku: Chinese Woodcraft MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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