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New  You are playing My Scary Creepy Teacher School Teacher 3D: Evil Horror Prankster. This is an indie horror school teacher game. Creepy spooky evil bad horror teacher is very scary neighbor and your worst evil bad school teacher. Horror teacher is your neighbor and you have to take revenge of your bad times in school. Prank your school evil teacher in different situations and revenge her and show that you are a genius prankster in this scary teacher game. Are you excited to be a great prankster in this horror game? If yes then download now and take revenge from evil creepy spooky horror teacher and be the hero. This is an amazing action and adventure game because scary teacher is full of fun adventure.

Solve the unsolved and hidden mysteries in haunted school & scary teacher neighbor 3d. Play as a genius prankster boy and go to school and play different pranks levels and complete missions in high school teacher games 3d. Bad scary spooky evil horror teacher in school and teacher is very strict school teacher and she doesn’t let anyone not working. She is very cruel in behavior because scary teacher is old school teacher in this game and if you have played scary teacher games 3d before then you gonna love this scary teacher. Evil school teacher is very scary and dangerous creature in horror high school at creepy spooky evil neighbor teacher games. The most important part is that you’re going to scare the scary teacher with your new creative teasing actions and missions. Scary teacher has much more levels than last school game. So, are you excited? to start your journey.

Scary Teacher is yelling at you because you did not obey the scary teacher in this indie horror school teacher game 3d evil spooky haunted house. Scary teacher is turning of old age but she is very active and scary teacher is very spooky in this creepy game. Hide under objects in the classrooms of school teacher so she does not find you and beat you. Be aware because she does not forgive if she catches any student in her neighbor horror house. She does not hear well but she hits very hard so hide under beds or behind any object from which teacher could not find you and prank you. Scary teacher is very bad with you so now it’s enough and now it’s time to prank scary evil horror bad creepy spooky teacher and take revenge from her of being smashed. It showcases the horrors that our scary teachers brought upon us in our childhood. This 3d game simulation is interesting because it has all the elements of school horrors, evil plans of naughty students taking revenge on their creepy teacher scary games.

My Scary Horror Evil Teacher Gameplay Features:

– Explore Scary Spooky Horror Teacher School & Solve Mysteries.
– Suspense in the Horror Haunted School of Bad Neighbor Teacher
– Amazing Detailed Fun Environment in this Scary Horror Evil Teacher
– Visual Scary Sound Effects of Walking and Running in Horror School
– High Quality 4K Graphics and Smooth & Easy Gameplay Controls

#1. My Scary Creepy School Teacher (Android) By: Green Berry Games
#2. My Scary Creepy School Teacher (Android) By: Green Berry Games
#3. My Scary Creepy School Teacher (Android) By: Green Berry Games
#4. My Scary Creepy School Teacher (Android) By: Green Berry Games

Name of Game: My Scary Creepy School Teacher

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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My Scary Creepy School Teacher MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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