NewBorn Pretty Princess Care MOD APK

New  Welcome to this cute pretty princess’ world in this adorable day care game!

This game will take you to a beautiful journey world of royal princess.

You will have enchanting experience in taking care of cute little princess in this newborn daycare game.

Enjoy variety of views like….

– Princess Spa
In this days mood swing , nausea and backache are common problems for during pregnency . jacuzzi spa is the best option to tackle with it. so that, we have arranged to give our pregnant princess a special spa care to make her feel relaxed and happy.

– Dressup
Here, you will get lots of choices for our princess to wear.

– Crown Making
Five types of crown are given. you can customise them as per your choice. The crown which you creat will appear on princess’s head throughout the entire game. you will get a proud feeling of creating something special for princess.

– Newborn Shower
cultural rituals are part of society which everyone are going to follow whether he or she is a common person or from royal dynasty. Newborn shower is one of that. our pregnent royal princess will have a memorable experience.

– Eating
For pregnant mom it will become more important to maintain good health. You can cook some very delicious and very much healthy food for expecting mom like …

* Toast with peanut butter
* Belgian waffle
* Fruit Milk Shake

– Princess Care
Time to welcome a Newborn have been arrived. Get ready with all necessary pre-cautions.
play doctor’ s role with responsibility and yet with fun. Do all regular check ups like BP and temperature and perform Newborn delivery procedure.
welcome little prince in this beautiful world! How cute! this little one is!

– Newborn CARE
Now, your duty as Newborn sitter has started. prove yourself the best care giver in this pretty princess daycare game. Take a good routine care of Newborn ,Prepare some delicious food for Newborn and feed that food to Newborn. Take your time,little Newborn sitter!

– Castle bedroom makeover
you are luckey to get a chance of castle bedroom decoration. Thre are different types of task are included like
cleaning, mat changing, chandelier and cupboard fixing and preparing bed for beautiful princess.
Tile changing mini game is one special feature in this view.

– Dress making
Get ready to become professional royal tailor and show your skill of dress making. prove yourself as a very good fashion designer.
you will have a great fun in making pretty dress for our adorable prencess.

what are you waiting for?!
start a magnificent royal journey of pretty princess daycare in this cutest princess game! have fun!

#1. NewBorn Pretty Princess Care (Android) By: Lion Roar
#2. NewBorn Pretty Princess Care (Android) By: Lion Roar
#3. NewBorn Pretty Princess Care (Android) By: Lion Roar
#4. NewBorn Pretty Princess Care (Android) By: Lion Roar

Name of Game: NewBorn Pretty Princess Care

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

NewBorn Pretty Princess Care MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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