Number Drop: 2048 Merge Blocks MOD APK

Number Drop: 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle is an addictive and innovative merge numbers puzzle games inspired by the classic game 2048. With a familiar number blocks adding games rule, combining with a new gameplay, this merge numbers game not only provide you with hours of entertainment, but also improve your cognitive abilities such as concentration, making fast decision, mathematical and logical reasoning.
By one tap on the screen, you can drop the number blocks to contact with each other. As fast as you say “Drop!”, you will see two blocks of the same numbers merge into one block of double value on the game board. From 2, 4, 8, 16,… to 1024, 2048, 4096,… – the possibility to merge numbers of this adding games is infinite. As you merge multiple colorful number blocks in a row and discover new higher numbers, you’ll find yourself getting hook on this relaxing, yet intriguing merge numbers puzzle games.
Despite the simplicity of the adding games rules, can you keep calm, break through your limit, and rise to the infinity and beyond? Play Number Drop: 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle and see how far can you go?

– Simple and smooth control, user friendly interface.
– Minimalistic and elegant graphic with colorful number blocks.
– Soothing music and pleasant sound effect.
– Easy to play, hard to master! Suitable for all ages.
– Helpful hammer props to smash your way out!
– Start your games one step ahead with special privileges .
– Collect diamonds to buy more useful tools and starting advantages.

– Tap the column on which you want to place the number blocks and drop it.
– Once tiles with identical numbers contact each other, they will merge numbers into one block with the value that doubles as many times as the amount of identical tiles surrounded.
– The main goal of the games is to challenge yourself to get as high score as possible, and discover larger numbers beyond 2048, such as 4096, 8192 and more.
– The gameplay will become more complicated as more merge numbers after 2048 are discovered, and end when one block touches the top of the game field.
– You can use the privileges of one 512 starting block or ability to see the upcoming number blocks, as well as hammer props to clear the unnecessary number blocks and make way for the next big thing.

– Drop The Number with minimalistic and elegant graphics, soothing music and stunning sound effects will help you relieve your stress.
– Planning the strategy, making instant decisions, utilizing your advantages and tools can help you enhance your logical and mathematical skills, as well as improve your memory, concentration levels and reflexes at the same time.
– Infinite possibilities to discover and challenge yourself with endless fun.

Want to relieve stress and sharpen your brain? Download Number Drop: 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle and discover endless possibilities!

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Name of Game: Number Drop: 2048 Merge Blocks

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Number Drop: 2048 Merge Blocks MOD APK

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