Pac Maze Runner MOD APK

Crazy new arcade game.
Run, clash, collect, shoot and dodge tricky ghost monsters. Find the secret levels and pass them!

The goal of the game is to collect all the bonuses on the map, find the key and get out of the room.
Catch the big yellow ball . (you will hear fast theme music) and in acceleration mode eat monsters, leaving behind a colorful and beautiful animated track.

Come up with movement and attack strategies for each level. It is very exciting! Try to logically predict where the enemy might move.

Why should you play this game?
– 30 completely different levels of beauty.
– The game has an individual design by the author.
– Bonuses that no one else has.
– 3 difficulty modes, which are opened as you pass through the game.
– Your choice of 5 control types for right or left handed players.
– Roulette mode with random opening bonuses.
– With each level, it becomes more interesting to play.

The game has hidden Easter eggs. Will you find them?

For quick control, spin in advance before the turn (using a slide or buttons) and the Hero Runner will spin exactly there. Don’t panic, you just need to get used to it and you will succeed.

To escape the monster chasing you, turn and teleport more often on the left and right side of the maze. Take the “target” bonus to shoot the monster (a red button will appear on the screen).

Select the type of control that is convenient for you in the settings.

Nice animations can be obtained randomly in roulette mode. A spin on the roulette wheel costs 1000 bonuses.
In roulette, not only colorful animation can appear, but also the main heroes’ skins.
You can get extra bonuses by playing a mini hidden game. For each win, you can earn 1000 points.
You can use promo codes in the roulette window to earn extra points. A promo code consists of 10 characters. Each promo code starts with the letters “PC” and then follows 8 letters, for example: PCQQRRWWZZZ

To get beautiful effects you need to:
– collect all the bonuses in each maze.
– collect magnets, watermelons and red sights to get the maximum amount of points.
– find the key and open the door where the bots appear.
– after passing the level, you will have the choice of three watermelon bonuses, which hide random points and 1 EXTRA LIFE behind them.
– you can buy the EXTRA LIFE bonus for 500 points.

Watch out for the negative bonuses like light bulbs and spikes.

To start the game you need to:
1. press the PLAY button,
2. choose the maze size M, L or XL, click the ticket,
3. choose a maze.

The new maze is opened by passing the previous one.


Name of Game: Pac Maze Runner

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Pac Maze Runner MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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