Panther superhero city battle MOD APK

New  The Monster panther hero city crime battle game is the finest fighting panther game and we encourage panther hero lovers to play and rescue the city from gangsters.
Gangsters and mafias have attacked Panther crime city. For so long they are in power but this time they had to face the monster panther hero. Wild panther hero is specially called by civilians to protect them from gangsters. In the kung fu panther-superhero panther fight, the Fighting panther hero is a ray of hope for civilians. Panther superhero comes out to sweep out gangsters and wipe out the crimes. In wild panther-superhero panther fight game, Kung fu Panther hero has several fighting skills, such as ninja fighting skills, kung fu battle styles, and the martial art fighting style. The crime rate is too high in Panther crime city but the ultimate Ninja’s panther hero is not scared of criminals. He is ready to face all danger. Therefore, the kung fu panther hero needs to rescue the city from gangsters, criminals, robbers, and crooks. The big black superhero panther is all set to give criminals a difficult time with his martial arts fighting style. You gotta move like a flash against evil villains. Explore the gang-packed criminal city. As a standard of justice, you are a hope for citizens’ so don’t let these crooks and criminals control the city.
The fighting panther game gives you the opportunity to become the ultimate ninja panther hero. You have to perform the task which is expected from a great black superhero panther. Stop the panther hero city from being robbed, attack gangsters, and criminals and ensure that there is no escape way for these criminals. There are several missions to conquer this panther superhero city battle.
Explore the superhero panther city and do not show hesitation for accepting any mission. There are several missions in the panther hero city crime battle with grand black superhero panther, you have to fight with amazing kung fu fighting skills. You own a special technique of fighting with extraordinary power and agility in the grand black superhero panther-ninja panther game to get rid of the legitimate gangster mafia. The basic task of the panther superhero city battle is to survive against gangsters to accomplish all game levels.
Features of grand black superhero panther games:
– Several difficult missions to accomplish.
– Jump, dash, and defend yourself for your survival from criminals.
– Realistic 3D graphics City environment
– Amazing background and real fighting sound effects.
– Exciting, difficult, and user-friendly gameplay.
Show courage and power in a fight against an opponent. Get your wild panther hero in control and beat the other evil criminals. The true kung fu panther hero is one who emerges victorious and, protects civilians from gangsters. Play as a city defender and run around the superhero panther city to locate the criminals and to rescue the city residents. This new grand black superhero panther-ninja panther game is plenty of action and fun!
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#1. Panther superhero city battle (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers
#2. Panther superhero city battle (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers
#3. Panther superhero city battle (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers
#4. Panther superhero city battle (Android) By: Bitbox Gamers

Name of Game: Panther superhero city battle

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Panther superhero city battle MOD APK

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