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New  Panzer War: Definitive Edition is a TPS tank shooting game. It includes module-based damage mechanic and hp-based damage mechanic. You can select different damage mechanic in the game option. The game uses the new rendering pipelines. The module-based damage is similar to War Thunder. It calculates how shell damage internal modules and gives the x-ray replay. The hp-based damage is similar to World of Tanks.

The game do not contain tech-tree. You do not need to unlock any vehicle. You can play all the tanks in the game for free. It includes more than 50 tanks from WW2 to Modern Wars. And more tanks are coming in the recent updates. Also, the game supports mods. You can download hundreds of mod tanks from mod downloader for free.

What’s more,you can combine difference equipments to build your own tank in the tank workshop!

The game modes contain 7V7,Skirmish(Respawn),Historical Mode and Play Field.

#1. Panzer War : DE (Android) By: ShanghaiWindy
#2. Panzer War : DE (Android) By: ShanghaiWindy
#3. Panzer War : DE (Android) By: ShanghaiWindy
#4. Panzer War : DE (Android) By: ShanghaiWindy

Name of Game: Panzer War : DE

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Panzer War : DE MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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