Picture Quiz: Backpacker MOD APK

New  Picture Quiz: Backpacker gives you the opportunity to guess 1000+ pictures around the world through this fun quiz.

Test your knowledge in the subjects Flags, Capitals, Preparatory Knowledge, Tourism, Foods and Geography.

Ready-made knowledge is further divided into the topics Europe, North and South America, Africa as well as Asia and Oceania.

How to play:

In the topics tourism and food, you spell the answer to each task. If you are stuck, you can remove letters or get the answer in the help menu.

It is also in the help menu that one can procure more coins or remove advertisements from the game.

In the quiz section, it costs 20 coins to get a new question, and these are deducted automatically. You can also use the coins to get help, by clicking on the help menu on the bulb.

Now comes the fun! You are now shown 4 answer options, and then it is otherwise a matter of choosing the right one. If in doubt, you can in the help menu choose to remove either one or two answer options or ensure a correct answer. This costs a little coins, but it can be afforded. Take care – if you answer incorrectly, it also costs coins.

How to get more coins:

If you are stuck and lack coins, you can afford it. Press the light bulb to open the help menu, after which you can choose two things – watch a short video and receive 100 coins for free, or buy 1000 coins for a modest amount.

Remember, you must have a minimum of 20 coins to continue, so if you are stuck, you must press the bulb. 🙂

The quiz is continuously updated with new content.



This game is made for fun, and may not reflect locations quite realistically. All similarities with person- real as well as fictional- and other games are purely random.

All assets in this game are either made by Zen Artist or shared for free on websites under the “Creative Commons – CC0 (zero)” license, after which they have been edited to a new format used in this game.

Graphics and sound clips are used freely under the rules of CC 0 – Creative Commons, and were added to this application in good faith and with the idea that third parties have owned to share these for free under the license “Creative Commons – CC0 (zero)”.

The developer assumes no responsibility for the authenticity of third party ownership, but in case of any doubt about the use of the individual image and / or sound clips, the developer will replace this with an equivalent with a valid license as soon as possible.

Please note; This application has internal purchases. Zen Artist recommends securing your Play Store account with a password to prevent accidental purchases. Zen Artist assumes no responsibility for unintentional purchases.

This game may ask for permission for one or more features on your device. This is because of Google Play Services – Zen Artist does not collect any user data!

Removing this game may affect your progress, collect coins, and earn trophies.

Copyright – This game is distributed on Google Play only. All other use of the game’s apk file and / or promotional material such as screenshots or video etc. Uploading to third party websites is prohibited.

Downloading this application from a source other than Google Play may result in the downloading of a maliciously crafted code or virus file, and the game code may have been altered in relation to the version on Google Play.

Zen Artist assumes no responsibility for damages incurred by files downloaded from sources other than Google Play.

#1. Picture Quiz: Backpacker (Android) By: Zen Artist
#2. Picture Quiz: Backpacker (Android) By: Zen Artist
#3. Picture Quiz: Backpacker (Android) By: Zen Artist
#4. Picture Quiz: Backpacker (Android) By: Zen Artist

Name of Game: Picture Quiz: Backpacker

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Picture Quiz: Backpacker MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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