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New  This is a continent filled with magic and imagination, teeming with countless races of beings. Humans built their kingdoms, elves lived hidden in the forest depths, orcs controlled the wasteland, and undead stalked the graveyards. The world was inhabited by gnomes, dwarves, goblins, and dragons as well. Proud spirits stand amongst the clouds, looking down on the chaos of the world; demons lurk in the shadows, leering viciously at the world of light.
One hundred years ago, Soros the Lich raised an army of undead and tried to conquer the continent. He paid or coerced orcs, mercenaries, and pirates, and the fires of war spread throughout the land. The humans united the races devoted to peace, and an arduous and bitter battle was begun. Dwarves, elves, and gnomes leapt into the fray. In the end, the alliance won the war and Soros the Lich was felled on the battlefield. Humans built the Empire, which came to govern over the entire continent.
For a hundred years, life in the Empire was quiet and peace existed between all races. Until the wheels of fate turn again.

In Poly Odyssey, you will become the Chosen One, unite heroes of every race, and command a party of worthy warriors as you rise to the challenges of a dangerous new world.

Game Features:
[Easy to Pick up and Play]
Your heroes are fighting all the time, even when you’re not! Log in to claim accumulated rewards instantly. Fight monsters and defeat the demonic invasion!
[Mix and Match Strategies]
With multiple races and professions, as well as varied hero designs each with their own skills, effects and weaknesses, no battle will be the same!
[Immersive ARPG combat]
Hero bonds, weaknesses, formations, skill combos and much more are all important factors in developing your strategies. Battles are random and uncertain, so explore various match ups for to defeat the enemy!
[Awesome 3D Graphics]
Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes has a unique fantasy setting and characters rendered in fun and colorful 3D graphics!

For more game info check out the following channels:
Customer Support Mail: [email protected]

#1. Poly Odyssey (Android) By: NATASKY GAMES LIMITED
#2. Poly Odyssey (Android) By: NATASKY GAMES LIMITED
#3. Poly Odyssey (Android) By: NATASKY GAMES LIMITED
#4. Poly Odyssey (Android) By: NATASKY GAMES LIMITED

Name of Game: Poly Odyssey

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Poly Odyssey MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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