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Let’s create your own fun stories about city university life and pretend to play this adventurous my house story game. Pretend city university life is home of roleplay adventure where you can explore your luxury life autism stories and interact with anything you want in this pretend play college game. Visit different locations of your hometown vocational center and explore the princess dream lab where every day of your life is going to become a guardian of pretend town fun and you can learn various educational activities.
Let’s take your imagination beyond the autistic world and explore the city university campus to enjoy lots of educational fun. Roleplay as a student and explore the classroom fun or imagine as a professor or teacher in this town game. Deal with people on reception chair and enjoy pretend town office life.
Be a pro-scientist student of the university and explore the school lab where you can perform various science experiments to enhance your educational sense. Perform different lab experiments like a super scientist of the town and surprise the world with your inner talent. Move to the college library to explore and read different kinds of books for educational purposes and enjoy this autism dollhouse university life story game.
Explore the university cafeteria where the delicious dessert recipes are waiting for you. Eat some crispy dishes and enjoy lots of university life fun by creating your city life stories in this educational game for girls. Participate in different curriculum activities before winter vacations. Play football with your best friends and enjoy roleplay adventures with town besties.
It’s time to make your imaginative story awesome and move the items easily and transform yourself into your favorite characters of this game. Enjoy this townhouse fun game because it is the best place where you can relax and do a lot of fun stuff. Forget about dollhouse makeovers & orphan’s home decoration games because this pretends townhouse game gives unlimited crazy fun.
Features of Pretend City University Life :
– Explore the multiple rooms & locations in the pretend university story game.
– Touch and interact with anything you want in this my pretend college life game.
– Play soccer and spend your winter vacation with your best friends.
– Meet new students and teachers while playing school games.
– Enjoy your break time with lots of food to buy in the school restaurant.
– Explore the science classroom & discover as a crazy lab scientist.


Name of Game: Pretend City University Life

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Pretend City University Life MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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