Price it Right MOD APK

New  Price it Right is a game where you have to guess the price of products.
You can use powerups to help you get closer to the correct price.
The closer you are to the correct price, the higher your score and the more coins you win.
You can also win prizes by playing ‘Spin the Wheel’ and ‘Treasure Chest’ minigames.

50/50 – Let’s you know which side of the line the price is on.
Sonar – Points in the direction of the correct price.
Peek – Let’s you see your score before you submit.
* You can use each powerup only once per product.

Here are the price games you can play:

Even or Odd – Guess whether the price is an even or odd number.
Exact Price – Which of the choices is the exact price of the product?
First Digit – What number is the first digit?
Higher or Lower – Is the product price higher or lower than the one listed?
Last Digit – What number is the last digit?
Least Expensive – Which product is the least expensive?
Most Expensive – Which product is the most expensive?
Multiple Choice – Which multiple choice is the correct price?
Nth Digit – What number is the random digit?
True or False – Is the price listed true or false?

Answer 3 questions correctly and you go to a special bonus round where you can earn more coins.

Have fun!

#1. Price it Right (Android) By: nilio
#2. Price it Right (Android) By: nilio
#3. Price it Right (Android) By: nilio
#4. Price it Right (Android) By: nilio

Name of Game: Price it Right

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Price it Right MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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