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New  Are you brave enough to join in our survival squid 3D game and win the piggy money to become the BILLIONAIRE? Then here is your chance, just try your luck and get ready to survive.

Real Squid Game 3D – 456 Survival Challenge includes the games series of Green light red light, Dalgona challenge, Tug of war and Glass bridge.
Just follow only one rule “Not to die” and Beat off other competitors and be the only one who to have the golden piggy bank.

– Green Light, Red Light: The two rule that you have to keep in mind is “Stop when red and Run when green”, Your goal is to cross the finish line without being caught by a Giant Doll where your patience and stealth will be tested.Keep in mind that there is a time limit so you have to run as fast as you can if you don’t want to end up dead on the field.

– Dalgona Challenge: The challenge sees players trying to carve a design or shape – such as a circle, triangle or umbrella into a piece of honeycomb candy known as dalgona. Winners get to progress onto the next challenge.

– Tug of War: The game consisted of two teams playing tug of war across two raised platforms: the goal was for the winning team to successfully haul the losing team off their platform, resulting in them falling to their deaths. Use your strength to win against the other group.

– Glass Stepping Stone: In This challenge if the player steps forward onto the normal glass it will break and the player will fall to their death and If the player steps forward onto the toughened glass they will be able to move forward to the next step. Choose the right glass stone so that your fate wont end regretfully.


– Great music and sound effects.
– Easy Controls
– Different Challenges to survive in.
– Real 3D Action Game
– Attractive gameplay
– Anti Stress & Relaxing

Just be brave to win the challenges and make your progress to become the BILLIONAIRE but remember all those who failed to finish in the limited time will receive the brutal death as a penalty.

Download this Real Squid Game 3D – 456 Survival Challenge and feel the thrill. Begin your survival adventure with the unlimited levels and endless gameplay.

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Name of Game: Real Squid Game

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Real Squid Game MOD APK

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