Repair The Future Racing Car MOD APK

New  “Repair The Future Racing Car” is a casual simulation game with fresh style, easy-to-use, exquisite and stylish graphics. You will lead the newly upgraded baby car repair shop, and handle the repair process of more different vehicles together with the familiar shop assistants! More refined repair screens, new interesting mini-games, maintenance and cleaning of different vehicles, give you a more fun experience.
1. Exercise thinking logic: simulate specific car repair scenes, use graphics to match, distinguish positions and other interactions to enhance the player’s thinking logic.
2. Occupational cognitive function: introduce occupational tasks, what skills need to be mastered, and deepen the understanding of occupations.
3. Learning common sense of life: through your own specific operations and behaviors in the game, master the maintenance knowledge in life
4. Happy interactive learning: There are rich scene interactions and item interactions in each link, allowing players to have a basic understanding of the operation of various objects.
5. Build confidence: learn knowledge while playing games, the game will continue to guide players to complete tasks, allowing players to improve themselves

[Car cleaning] Use a variety of high-tech props to clean the car comprehensively. The brand-new detergent replaces soap, the fully upgraded water spray gun, and the brand-new car wash brush. After the interesting cleaning interaction, the car can be more smooth and clean. shine.
[Auto Repair] Repair the dent of the vehicle, replace the broken glass, and further clean up the new glass to achieve the best results.
[Tire replacement] Let the jack jack up the vehicle, remove the screws, remove the worn-out tires, and replace the vehicle with brand-new tires. Escort the journey of the new car.
[Vehicle Maintenance] Maintain the engine of the vehicle and replace the vehicle with new oil. Various convenient tools provide powerful help for car repair. In the process of replacing the battery, an interesting interactive game is added to add more fun to the repair process. Wait for the completion of the battery, and celebrate with high-five partners in the car repair shop.

In the face of various situations, can you cope with it calmly? Come quickly [Repair The Future Racing Car] to experience a different car repair journey!

#1. Repair The Future Racing Car (Android) By: Star Q Baby
#2. Repair The Future Racing Car (Android) By: Star Q Baby
#3. Repair The Future Racing Car (Android) By: Star Q Baby
#4. Repair The Future Racing Car (Android) By: Star Q Baby

Name of Game: Repair The Future Racing Car

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Repair The Future Racing Car MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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