Scary doll head house mystery MOD APK

New  You are stuck in a haunted house and you have to solve this mystery house puzzle and escape this evil scary doll head haunted house. You have to find the keys of rooms and make your way through the collider hiding from the deadly doll head which is famous for killing and taking hostage of the kids and people in this forest. As you are lost in the woods and you are not familiar with the house so you are trapped in the house and the crazy puppet is finding you throughout the ruined building. There is no one to rescue you from the cruel nun so you can either escape successfully or it would be up to the horrific yellow head doll girl either to kill you or show you some hostile behaviour. The crazy granny can kill babies as she has a babysitter face so as you are a kid you have to get yourself out of the danger.

Experience the deadly escape from the haunted granny house as there is no one in the neighbourhood to help you or save you from the evil spooky teacher. As your heartbeat is getting faster you have to control yourself and try not to scream as your screaming will make it easier for the deadly scary doll head creature to find you easily. Just imagine that you are playing hide and seek with this deadly horror head creature but remember that there would be no second chance to survive as you will get killed or escape to the forest and make your way to the highway. Don’t forget to make use of some very helpful things like door keys, knives, hammers, a torch and scissors, all these things will be very useful full to escape the deadly haunted house so find these things in the house and make your way out of the scary ruined horror house.

Remember this is not any nightmare that will end up good, you have to struggle for your survival otherwise the nightmare could end up in something worst as you would be trapped in the deadly doll head creature’s trap.

Helping Objects in Scary doll head house mystery game
Get the keys to unlock the room doors
Torch to get a clear view of the haunted house
Knife to cut down objects
Scissor to cut down the electricity
Hammer to break the door

Features of Scary doll head house mystery game
Scary house and environment
Horrific doll head girl
Friendly controls
Horror sounds to increase your heartbeat
Find helping objects for your survival
Solve the heart thumbing horror puzzle

Play the Adventurous Scary doll head house mystery game and experience the awesome scary escape joy. don’t forget to figure out all the new features in this epic haunted house scary monster survival game and also don’t forget to share your reviews with us. For any queries, you can contact our customer support, we would be working for your better experience.

Good luck!

#1. Scary doll head house mystery (Android) By: zgamespk
#2. Scary doll head house mystery (Android) By: zgamespk
#3. Scary doll head house mystery (Android) By: zgamespk
#4. Scary doll head house mystery (Android) By: zgamespk

Name of Game: Scary doll head house mystery

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Scary doll head house mystery MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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