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New  A shopping mall game / supermarket Game is a fascinating or entertaining casual game where you are in charge of a big shopping mall or famous supermarket. This is one of our favorite mobile strategy games that we have to play.
Play one of the most realistic and challenging shopping mall cashier games for girls! Time to be a cautious mall cash manager to handle a rush of customers in one of the best cashier simulators. And one thing more in this game kids also learn to experience real-time learning to shop for clothes, accessories & shoes while managing the cash register in this best mall game.

Enjoy your shopping mall girl game! Play this supermarket shopping game along with your virtual family or you want to go single to buy some food or groceries for your dream home. Be a shopaholic and buy many things from grocery supermarket stores by using carts from the shopping mall in supermarket games for girls. In Supermarket Shopping Mall Games, go and buy home groceries, kid’s clothes, toys, or many more from the shopping mall center.

In this shopping, mall game when you are inside a shopping mall or supermarket and get the carts to start your window-shopping. After completion of your shopping, you will visit the cashier counter to scan your goods with the help of a scanner in this supermarket game. When you will scan, your entire things on the cashier counter then pay your dues to the shopping mall girl cashier manager.

In this supermarket game, you can learn how to do shopping from a grocery store. Supermarket shopping mall games are full of fun activities, so enjoy shopping for all farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, and other supermarket grocery store items at the shopping center. Chop veggies, desserts, drinks, toys, and much more in supermarket shopping games! Alternatively, your monthly things can be bought from there easily. If you want to decorate your home, then search for things and put them in your cart.

When you are shopping is over then go to the counter side and calculate the price of all purchased things at the cash register and pay through a credit card or cash money in the supermarket. To discover the magic of selling trade in this supermarket cash register girl cashier games! This is a virtual game. When you play this supermarket, shopping game you feel like it’s real. Once you play, you will be addicted.

Just fill your shopping cart with all the health & beauty, bed & bath accessories, tally your grocery list with the items in your shopping cart, and go to the cashier for the final step of this adorable shopping mall girl’s game.

This supermarket Shopping mall game for girls is a complete package of entertainment for the lovers of supermarket game shopping. There is an interesting element in our supermarket mania game, which differentiates it from other supermarket shopping games.

★ This supermarket game is easy to play.
★ In this supermarket shopping game, you have user-friendly and fantastic graphics.
★ Cool animations and sound effects are available in this shopping mall game.
★ One of the best girl cashier shopping games.
★ Buy meat, accessories, daily items, and more things are available in this shopping game.
★ Help customers decide what to buy & manage their cash.
★ Amazing supermarket cash register girl cashier games level.
★ Pack supermarket grocery items in shopping mall cashier games.
★ Compute supermarket grocery item prices at the cash register in this shopping game.
★ Best learning game to enhance mathematical skills & time management skills in this shopping game.
★ Addictive supermarket shopping mall gameplay and sound effects are available in this shopping game.
Are you ready to play a shopping mall game? If you are bored, playing previous games and want to enjoy your time with the most addictive game, then install and play this shopping game and make your mood amazing. It is one of the most challenging games.

#1. Shopping Mall Game Supermarket (Android) By: Gaming Hub Studios
#2. Shopping Mall Game Supermarket (Android) By: Gaming Hub Studios
#3. Shopping Mall Game Supermarket (Android) By: Gaming Hub Studios
#4. Shopping Mall Game Supermarket (Android) By: Gaming Hub Studios

Name of Game: Shopping Mall Game Supermarket

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Shopping Mall Game Supermarket MOD APK

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