Sniper 456 Challenge : الحبار MOD APK

New  Play the trending traditional حبار Korean Games as challenging sniper 456 حبار ! when the doll turns its head , fire on everyone who broke the rules. the Red light Green Light game have no mercy . Fire everyone who broke rules in Batatinha Frita challenge. be brave like a hero and have no Mercy when it comes to finishing your Batatinha Frita.
Do you look shooting ? taking down enemies when they fail ? ready for offline Sniper Shooting 3D game ? This is new sniper shooting game based on interesting story and fun of action . this is offline shooting action-packed gun shooting sniper with multi guns to unlock. can you play this thrilling action game ? Fire for free with sniper scope.
Shoot and snipe down all players who broke the rules of red light and green light 456 in sniper Batatinha Frita.
Aim carefully and shoot حبار all failed players one by one in Sniper 456 Batatinha Frita Challenge!
Why you have to be player 456 if you have the choice to be the killer and executer ? حبار Shooting skills are required to play this free game. Fire on Enemies quickly before you run out of ammo in Batatinha Frita . Use your Rifle scope to hunt them الحبار quickly. Good concentration, speed , and sharp shooting الحبار skills are needed to accomplish your mission. With your Rifle scope , shoot all targets who failed and take your reward . free diamond is given if you kill 3 with one الحبار bullet.
More Weapons and skills will be added in future Releases .

#1. Sniper 456 Challenge : الحبار (Android) By: Eclipse Night
#2. Sniper 456 Challenge : الحبار (Android) By: Eclipse Night
#3. Sniper 456 Challenge : الحبار (Android) By: Eclipse Night
#4. Sniper 456 Challenge : الحبار (Android) By: Eclipse Night

Name of Game: Sniper 456 Challenge : الحبار

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Sniper 456 Challenge : الحبار MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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