New  One from the movie series game, Squad Squid Craft 3D, this is a kind of 3D online games challenging you to win the 457 tentacles You have to be an esquerda as a last survivor to be the top-of-the-line of this casua octopus games. Do not get shot, otherwise you are going to be eliminated from the octo 459 to 486 squid mobile. Go ahead and be the one who can standstill when crossing the red online tap.

Differently to other movie series game, you will be join the tentacles of 453 squid as in the series. It’s challenge to avoid getting hit or killed during the other 426 to 486 squid are shot. Do not get eliminated until my strange addiction streaming of lula squid comes to finish. Let’s go ahead and be the winner.

– Real atmosphere as in the Squad game
– Free multi-level squid craft 3d
– Smooth movement and artistic design
How to play:
– Use the controller on the left in the mode move to run. Use the jump button on the right to jump over the obstacle as necessary
– Push up your finger from the controller to stop
– Do not move while in the red online, unless you will be get shot and the game is going to stop
– Start running when you see Green Light on the screen. Change to mode move
– Notice the sound warning that the commander will be turning back and shoot
– Restart the game when it stops to replay the level
– You have to cross the green line within the given time as shown on the screen

This squid craft 3d requires concentration to start and stop running. Toggle between mode move and stop at the right time is the key to pass the level. Before the green light is shown, you must standstill and wait. Don’t move while the red online unless you will be got killed. squid craft 3d is one of online 3d games that is really addicted. Let’s check it out.
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#1. Squad AEIOU 3D Game (Android) By: Freddyfjerald9
#2. Squad AEIOU 3D Game (Android) By: Freddyfjerald9
#3. Squad AEIOU 3D Game (Android) By: Freddyfjerald9

Name of Game: Squad AEIOU 3D Game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon


Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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