Squid Game 3D – Earn BTC MOD APK

New  Welcome to Squid Game Survival Challenge – The Squid Version. Knock Down your competitors in squid game. Enjoy Real Fun Of Squid Game by following the instruction and don’t be late else you are dead. If you want to get prizes don’t be eliminated from squid game Challenge. Press and hold the screen movement or click the screen movement, the operation is simple, you need to explore! Let us play one of the terrifying and best of squid game survival part with the Giant Green monster. In this Squid Game, show your survival skills to win the Squid Survival Challenge and redeem your points in BTC (Bitcoin)!

How to Play Squid Game – The Green Monster Challenge

– Red Light Green Light

Listen to the Squid Doll and follow the Red & Green Lights. Tap to Run when the Green Light is on and Stop immediately whenever the Red Light is on. Reach the winning Point with in given time & win the 3D Squid Challenge. Squid Game is the best Runner Game You ever played!

– Dalgona Candy Challenge

You will be given a candy with a shape engraved on it. Smash the outer edges of the candy while keeping the inside shape intact. It looks easy but candy is basically sugar so it is easy to break. Do you think you can pass this level? Download the Squid Game Dalgona Challenge and find out yourself!

– Tug Of War Squid Survival Challenge

Tap the screen and use your strength to pull the rope as fast as you can and win against the other group. Only 50% of you will survive in this game. Do you think you can defeat the other players in the challenge? Find out now!

– Glass Stepping Stone Squid Challenge

There are two sets of glass on each step. One that’s hard and another brittle. Tap left or right to choose the correct glass stone so that your fate wont end regretfully and reach the finishing point to win the Squid Game Survival Challenge 3D

Features of Squid Game 3D – Hulk Survival Challenge

– Super Addictive Squid Run Game

– Suitable for kids, teens, adults and all Squid Game fans like you!

– Realistic Graphics for Squid Challenge

– One Touch Gameplay, easy to play

– Based on the latest Korean webseries Squid Game

– Play Squid 3D Game & Earn BTC Crypto as you complete levels

Download Squid Game – The Hulk Smash Challenge to show off your survival skills & challenge your friends! Participate in Squid Games and be the first to finish the race before your competitors and earn real crypto in your BTC wallet!

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#1. Squid Game 3D - Earn BTC (Android) By: Pravin flippa
#2. Squid Game 3D - Earn BTC (Android) By: Pravin flippa
#3. Squid Game 3D - Earn BTC (Android) By: Pravin flippa
#4. Squid Game 3D - Earn BTC (Android) By: Pravin flippa

Name of Game: Squid Game 3D – Earn BTC

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Squid Game 3D – Earn BTC MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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