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New  Based on the Korean children’s childhood games that are and are loved by all survival game fans, we have launched a new product Squid Game – 456 Survival to reimagining the games but in a completely new version of dramatic survival.

♠ Life is pushing you into a dead end, a deadlock is waiting for you. What you need is to win all the games and bring in huge bonuses to be able to change your dark life. However, everything has its price. In the game, just a little carelessness, small carelessness, you will die.

🥇 The full game includes 6 typical traditional games. The games are all childhood memories that you have experienced. But instead of joyful moments of playing with friends, the Survival Games in this Squid Challenge will be really thrilling, making you feel suffocated. Hundreds of player will join the game with you but round by round, more and more people lose and die whereas the accumulated reward will be increased in a saving piggy bank.

Attractive game set on Squid Game – 456 Survival:
🧠 Red Light Green Light Challenge: A thrilling opening game with very simple rules: green light- run to the finish line as quickly as possible; Red light – stand still.
🧠 Cookie Carver: The red masked people have prepared for you dalgona candies of different shapes. Your task is to deftly separate the candy completely. Although the candy is small and sweet, it is a challenge that determines your life. Even a small mistake will cost you your life.
🧠 Tug of war: In this game, strength is not everything. Strategy and timing are key to victory.
🧠 Marbles: Get all of your opponent’s marbles by using enough force to put your own marbles into the hole and you win.
🧠 Glass jump: under the dim lights appear glass panels, below is a deep hole. You need to choose the right tempered glass panels. Otherwise you will fall and die in that deep hole.
🧠 Squid Game: The ultimate survival challenge for the best to win the fortune-changing 456 billion won prize.

All the games are arranged to increase the drama and suspense throughout the game. When participating in the game, around you will be arranged a lot of K Sniper in a mask and red suit. Just a small mistake, we are also ready to kill by a headshot and remove you from the game and then put you in a cute but also very horror bow-tied coffin box.🎀

🔊 After all, nothing satisfies your curiosity and sense of conquest like downloading this Squid Game – 456 Survival right away and experiencing it for yourself. You will have to exclaim because of the excitement that the game brings. Be mental because sometimes you will really have a heart attack!

#1. Squid Game - 456 Survival (Android) By: LEMON Studio
#2. Squid Game - 456 Survival (Android) By: LEMON Studio
#3. Squid Game - 456 Survival (Android) By: LEMON Studio
#4. Squid Game - 456 Survival (Android) By: LEMON Studio

Name of Game: Squid Game – 456 Survival

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Squid Game – 456 Survival MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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