Squid Impostor Survival Game MOD APK

New  Join us in Squid But It’s Impostor game. A combination of two top-notch theme games can make you satisfied? Old but gold, Try to run as fast as you can to the finish line without being detected by the doll.

Not only the red, green light game but also four classic iconic games are for you. Easy to play but not easy to win, Are you a fan of Squid Challenge Survival? Or you are a fan of Impostor Crewmate? this red light folk game is available on smartphones and you can play it anywhere.

Survival Game includes the most interested and popular games with your childhood. Try your best to overcome the survival challenge and win money, Now your motion supervisor is a doll, What you need is the speed and acumen of this scary doll in rhythm counting.

Your mission is to run as fast as possible before long possible time up. Rock paper scissors shoot, candy, and gemstone is an individual challenge. You have to try to run fast and touch the wall because only the first 5 people to the finish line can survive. If you are not in the top 5, the worst will come to you.

#1. Squid Impostor Survival Game (Android) By: NaosPan
#2. Squid Impostor Survival Game (Android) By: NaosPan
#3. Squid Impostor Survival Game (Android) By: NaosPan
#4. Squid Impostor Survival Game (Android) By: NaosPan

Name of Game: Squid Impostor Survival Game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Squid Impostor Survival Game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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