Squid Survival -Life Challenge MOD APK

We invite you to complete your childhood games but with a deadly squid twist! Win or die! Accept the invitation and win the money! There is a tempting reward at the end of the game but with deadly high stakes. Just follow the instruction carefully and reward is all yours. Finish games before time run out! The winner has it all! Don’t get eliminated from Squid Survival – Life Challenge! Pave your way towards victory! Try to give your best! Enjoy the unique fun experience now and start your adventure. Complete all the tasks without getting yourself knock out so you will win. Following challenges have been added:
1.Dalgona honeycomb cookie
2.Glass stepping bridge
3.Squid tug of war challenge
Begin your survival adventure with 1st game: Dlagona honeycomb cookie. We challenge you to carve out shapes without cracking the cookie! It won’t be easy. You have only one chance! Be careful and don’t break it, don’t be late else you are dead. Accuracy and self-control are important here, you are given the time for which you need to cut a figure! Use the pin to give a candy a specific shape. Try to break the candy from its right parts in two stages!. Play for your life and prize. This is the easiest level of all, just need a good strategy and focus to win!
Move to the next deadliest level i.e. Glass stepping bridge! Feel yourself in a game in which you have to survive and get the main prize. Jump on the right glass your life depends on it! Play the most terrifying tempered glass stepping- squid survival game. The goal is reached to the finish line in this tempered glass game task! You will be provided with hints at the start just remember the tempered glass in this game for free.
Squid tug of war challenge will be your next level to win that cash prize! Pull the rope as fast as you can and pull your opponent to your side. The losing players fall off the platform or are cut off by the guillotine. Press the keys as fast as you can and shoot your opponent. Pull the rope with full strength!
Experience the thrills of the craze that’s sweeping the world on your own mobile device! Are you brave enough to step into the Game! How far you would go for a second chance at life or death! The only way to get out of this is to win Squid Survival – Life Challenge! Download now for free and enjoy!
This application is an unofficial fan-based application not real squid game series relate. No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names ( metadata ) will be honored.


Name of Game: Squid Survival -Life Challenge

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Squid Survival -Life Challenge MOD APK

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