Switch The Color: Tap Game MOD APK

New  Switch The Color: Tap Game is here to give you quality time with a fun and challenging game full of colors. It will help you to relax from a heavy workload and also helps you to get rid of boredom.

It’s time to find out how smart and quick you can make decisions in this color matching game. Test your response time by playing one of the most addictive and fun switching color games.

This color taping game simulates your brain in a very responsive and challenging way. Enjoy the fun finger game as you match all the colorful objects to their matching color pot.

Everyone can enjoy playing the color-switching game. You will need to use your brain and respond to the drop of colorful objects to put them in the correct machines at the right time. Think fast and respond at the right time, and you will survive in this matching color game longer. Quickly classify the colored objects in the same color line by switching the color machine and become the king of this fun finger game.


When the matching challenge begins, some colorful lightning object will fall from above to hit the bottom, and before that happening, you’ll need to move them to match the same color at the bottom. You will see a colorful lighting strike so you can prepare yourself for the upcoming color object. This color puzzle game is for everyone. If you can respond quickly, you can survive this color matching game and have fun. So be careful when the colors fall from the sky, failing to match the right color will cost you your life!


🎮Some key features of this Switch the Color: Tap Game🎮

⚡ Short the color pieces into the respective matching color machine
⚡ Free to download
⚡ No need to change the setting of your device
⚡ Low power and space consuming
⚡ Smooth and easy gameplay
⚡ Two thumbs controlling
⚡ Relaxing sound effect
⚡ Eye-catching but simple graphics.
⚡ There is one simple mode to play

🎮Gameplay of this color matching game🎮

Think before you act, make yours strategize, predict color, and make your move carefully because you only get one chance at a time. This Color Sorting game is easy to play, but hard to master. You have to be quick in taping. You will find some extra twists while playing this color shift game. Gradually it will become hard to play. Because there are some shuffle and path-changing objects that will change the color and the path you are caching on, when they get hit by them, it will change to another direction. You have to tap the machine quickly to match them.

If you are a fan of switching color games or looking for a color change ball game or want to play a relaxing color game, then this tap to the color game could give you a new and engaging gaming experience you are looking for. We have designed this color arcade game for almost every kind of arcade color tap game lover. You can play this whenever you want, how long you want. You will get this game in the store for free.

You don’t have to spend any money from your wallet to have this installed on your devices. This is a lightweight game, so it won’t take much space of your device. All most all the android devices out in the market will support this game. You don’t have to upgrade your device in order to play this puzzle color game.

The relaxing sound and eye-catching graphics of this color slide game make it more appealing and fun to play. You won’t get bored while playing this color puzzle game. Once you start playing this fun finger game, you cannot stop playing it until you finish it.

Download this Switch the Color: Tap Game have fun. Play it when you get bored become the master of this fun finger color matching game. Happy gaming.

#1. Switch The Color: Tap Game (Android) By: Phezos
#2. Switch The Color: Tap Game (Android) By: Phezos
#3. Switch The Color: Tap Game (Android) By: Phezos
#4. Switch The Color: Tap Game (Android) By: Phezos

Name of Game: Switch The Color: Tap Game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Switch The Color: Tap Game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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