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New  This game is in the Pre Release phase and all features will be rolled out within the next few weeks. An update will come every 2 to 3 weeks until game is in full release. We will be updating every 30 days for new content and bi-weekly for event updates. Multi-Player features will be available upon full release.

The Domain Of Monsters is a RPG/Adventure RPG game that incorporates village building and simulation.

There are main character monsters that cannot be obtained from Monster Eggs but are linked to the story of the game. Unlock them by playing the game through the story.

Other monsters can be hatched by getting Monster Eggs. Monster eggs can be found in each adventuring level and respawn every hour or so of gameplay. The more levels you unlock, the more eggs that you can collect by repeating levels. Play as your newly hatched monsters to repeat levels to gain a different play experience and to level up your new monster at the same time. Some monsters will be able to access hidden features within the levels that only come up when you use the specific monsters required.

Build the village and assign monsters to do many tasks. Monsters can farm, gather resources, craft items and much more within the village. Monsters that work in the village obtain experience while they are working and cannot be used to adventure. They can be taken off their work assignments if you need to adventure with them but most working type monsters are not required for adventuring.

#1. The Domain Of Monsters (Android) By: Senthil Vigneswaran
#2. The Domain Of Monsters (Android) By: Senthil Vigneswaran
#3. The Domain Of Monsters (Android) By: Senthil Vigneswaran
#4. The Domain Of Monsters (Android) By: Senthil Vigneswaran

Name of Game: The Domain Of Monsters

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The Domain Of Monsters MOD APK

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