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New  Do you think you know all there is to know about movies? Do you consider yourself a movie expert? Try this film quiz movie trivia game and you’ll get the real test. This one is for you. The film buff, the cinephile, the movie freak, the film aficionado, the real movie fan. This is the definitive Film Quiz you were always waiting for. The only movie quiz that will not only match your expertise but will also challenge it. The only movie trivia quiz that is not just a gaming, but also a learning experience. 🎥

Dive into the vast sea that is Cinema and explore nine awesome Categories. Start with the films. The acclaimed, the blockbusters, the avant-garde, the indies, the classics. How many can you guess? How many more will you discover? Who are the great directors, the masters that have defined and continue to define Cinema? And let’s not forget the actors. Who are the brightest stars? Who are the icons? The legends? Prepare yourself to be surprised by the film quiz questions and don’t expect anything too easy! Remember we are movie fanatics!

The movie quiz questions and answers you will encounter here will truly entertain you to the fullest with their uniqueness and studiousness. If you were looking for truly new and unique film quiz questions and an original movie trivia quiz, you have found the winner!

Can you guess the movie from a movie quote? What about the taglines? Do you remember the most original and creative? Do you recall your Oscar history? The winners, the snubs, and the surprises? What about the box office records? Which are the blockbusters that have claimed the all-time top spots? Which were the megahits that beat the competition each year? How much film trivia do you know? Film secrets? What about movie “Easter eggs”? We know that you will love our movie quiz questions because we’ve carefully studied and followed everything in movie history!

We said that The Film Quiz is different! So, we have enabled different playing modes so that you are never bored while also being social! You can choose the single player mode to challenge yourself or the multiplayer mode to challenge and play with your Facebook friends or other players. At last, the only mobile trivia game for film buffs is available for Android!

But wait, there’s more…
✅ Always have the most recent weekend Box Office results readily available on your phone.
✅ Get the most important movie news of the day, as well as a piece of movie trivia every day.
✅ Movie night? Can’t decide which movie to watch? Let us suggest some of the best films of all time.
✅ Choose between the Film of the Day option, featuring a different handpicked film every day, or draw a film from our selection with the Random Pick option.

And that’s not all. A special surprise category awaits the absolute diehard film aficionado: Film School. Depending on your knowledge it’s either a quiz category or a crash course. Which are the most important film movements? Do you know your camera shots? What is a McGuffin?

New questions will be added regularly in all categories, constantly enriching the game. Play on your own or challenge your friends. Are you the biggest movie buff? This movie trivia game was made for you.

✅ Get one of the best movie quiz games free & enjoy pure quiz gaming entertainment!

#1. The Film Quiz (Android) By: Secretary Bird
#2. The Film Quiz (Android) By: Secretary Bird
#3. The Film Quiz (Android) By: Secretary Bird
#4. The Film Quiz (Android) By: Secretary Bird

Name of Game: The Film Quiz

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The Film Quiz MOD APK

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