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New  Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles is an innovative triple matching game, inspired by classic games of mahjong. This game requires you to match 3 blocks of the same element. Once you clear the board, you will pass the level, unlock more new fun challenges, and collect more rewards. Enjoy fun Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles at numerous levels of difficulty, from Beginner to God. It may seem easy at the beginning, but the further you go, the more difficult the tile connect levels might get.

Every game will ensure the urge to keep challenging your mind and solving the triple mahjong tile connect puzzle. It takes more than just sharp eyes to pass them all! Train your attention to detail, logical thinking, as well as a strategic mind to overcome the fun challenging games ahead. Pass more levels, collect more coins, and unlock different themes and backgrounds. Relieve your stress, test your sharp eyes and train your brain with this classic triple matching mahjong game.

– Easy to play, hard to master.
– Multiple difficulty: Beginner, Normal, Hard, Super Hard, Night Mare, and God.
– Stunning graphics with beautiful backgrounds, and cute mahjong blocks of various themes to customize your own game.
– Train your brain with Daily challenge – one of the hardest mode to up your IQ.
– Undo, shuffle and hint are great props to help you master matching 3 tiles.

– Your mission is to match 3 tiles of the same element in this game. You will pass the level once all blocks are matched and clear the board.
– The bottom container can only filled with 7 blocks. If the container is full with different types of blocks, you will fail the game.
– Be alert with your strategy when picking the tile to put into the container. Look twice to ensure the tile is the same before tapping to match.
– Using hints and other various advantages to overcome hard challenges or anytime you want.

– Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles with simple and cute graphics and soothing music is suitable for all ages, easy to play and helps to relieve your stress.
– Challenge yourself to solve the mahjong tile connect puzzle through numerous increasing difficulties will help keep your eyes and mind sharp, improve your attention to detail and logical thinking.
– Utilizing your tools and privileges to clear the board can help you enhance your strategic planning, as well as improve your memory, concentration levels and reflexes.

Become a tile master, test how sharp your eyes with this tile connect puzzle of Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles!

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#1. Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles (Android) By: PUZZLE STUDIO PTE. LTD.
#2. Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles (Android) By: PUZZLE STUDIO PTE. LTD.
#3. Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles (Android) By: PUZZLE STUDIO PTE. LTD.
#4. Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles (Android) By: PUZZLE STUDIO PTE. LTD.

Name of Game: Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Tile Master: Match 3 Tiles MOD APK

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