Tossmania MOD APK

Have fun tossing many different objects to the “Portrait Photo” on the wall or to the basket on the cabinet with more choices!

In the paid version, you can have all of the following choices with just one single payment for anyone of them:
• You can change the “Portrait Photo” on the wall with anyone’s picture you want (with the picture of your friend, pet, boss, etc.) from your own picture gallery.
• You can also have additional choices for the tossed object including cake, egg, cucumber, sausage, shoe, meat, and fish.
• In addition, you can load any object’s picture (like a flower, heart, hammer, fly, etc.) for the “Explosion Effect” from your own picture gallery.
How to play:
• In the paid version, load the target “Portrait Photo” you want from your own picture
gallery. In the free version, the default target “Portrait Photo” is preloaded.
• Push the “Play” button.
• Select the game level, “Level 1” or “Level 2” on the next “Select Level” screen.
To be able to select “Level 2”, first you need to get at least 1000 points in “Level 1”.
• If you select “Level 1”, then you can select “Paper”, “Tomato”, “Banana” or “Rose” as
free “Tossed Object” on the “Select Tossed Object” screen.
In the paid version, you can also select and toss “Cake”, “Egg”, “Cucumber”, “Sausage”,
“Shoe”, “Meat” or “Fish”.
• After selecting “Tossed Object” by pushing the “Select” button on the “Select Tossed
Object” screen, you can play “Level 1”.
• If you select “Level 2”, you can load and select the “Explosion Effect” you want from
your own picture gallery, in the paid version. Otherwise, the selected “Tossed Object” in
“Level 1” is used as “Explosion Effect” in “Level 2”.
• To play “Level 2”, push the “Select” button on the “Select Explosion Effect” screen.
• To use the “Portrait Photo” and/or the “Explosion Effect”, it is recommended that you
load a picture in a square aspect ratio (the height being equal to the width) like
600×600 pixels, 1200×1200 pixels.
• You get the best display result in “Level 2” if you use a “transparent” picture in a
square aspect ratio for the “Explosion Effect” you load from your own picture gallery.
You can use any free application “to make the picture’s background transparent” on
Android and iOS devices.
• To toss the object in any level, you need to wipe out the object aiming at the “Portrait
Photo” on the wall or to the basket on the cabinet.
• You can earn points (“Score”) either by hitting the object to the “Portrait Photo” or
dropping it into the basket.
• You have the right to miss your tossings until the maximum number of “Miss Count”
without losing your current “Score”. If you reach the maximum number of “Miss
Count”, your current “Score” is reset to zero together with the “Miss Count” itself.
• If your current “Score” exceeds the “Best Score”, then your “Best Score” is updated.


Name of Game: Tossmania

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Tossmania MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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