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New  Tricky Balls Sort Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game in which you have to learn how to sort colored balls in test tubes.

Think about how best to do it so that in the end balls of the same color remain in one test tube. Despite the fact that the game is quite simple, it will help to pump your logical thinking.

Click on the desired tube to move the ball located at the bottom to another tube. You can move the ball to another flask only if the colors of the upper balls match. Try to think ahead every move and not get upset if something goes wrong.

Your task is to have all the balls, for example, blue, in one container, red in another, and so on. It will not be so easy to do this, especially at later levels, when there will be much more flasks, but, believe me, you will quickly be drawn into the gameplay. Moreover, the game has created all the conditions for a beginner for a comfortable passage. This applies not only to navigation, but also to control, which is as accessible as possible here.

If you are playing for the first time, you will find yourself in front of the entry level. In front of you there will be several flasks filled with a different number of balls. Take one of the overs by simply pressing on it with your finger. While holding the touch, drag the ball to another container. He will be on top, and you will get access to the rest of the balls in the test tube. As soon as you completely sort all the balls, the level will be passed, and you can go further.

#1. Tricky Balls Sort Puzzle (Android) By: WiseApp | Brain Game
#2. Tricky Balls Sort Puzzle (Android) By: WiseApp | Brain Game
#3. Tricky Balls Sort Puzzle (Android) By: WiseApp | Brain Game
#4. Tricky Balls Sort Puzzle (Android) By: WiseApp | Brain Game

Name of Game: Tricky Balls Sort Puzzle

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Tricky Balls Sort Puzzle MOD APK

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