Turtles coloring hero ninja MOD APK

New  coloring the Ninja with Turtles super heroes cartoon game book of the mutant monsters is a colorful, simple and funny teen age Drawing and coloring cartoon game to develop creativity for boys and girl and also everyone.you will enjoy it .
The little ones can doodle, decorate and color mutants with ninjas and also the turtles freely without worrying about the neatness while the older ones and even adults can challenge themselves to color within the limits of each coloring and even draw freely.
It is an application for everybody. that encourages and helps to learn, develop creativity in an intelligent and fun way…
This entertaining mutants of ninjas allows you to draw, color, paint, decorate and embellish in a very simple way, in the same way as on a paper, book or magazine, using different options to paint as brushes, crayons or pencils.

A lot of colorings pages to color and decorate, your favorite ninja super hero turtle character wait you to color it .
• Simple and intuitive design for everybody.
• You can easily fill out an entire region, color with : Pencils, brushes, crayons, different strokes and colors.
• Undo and Eraser function for partial or total deletion..
• Save colorings in the album to edit them.
• Share colorings using : Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email…
• Both girls and boys will love it.
• Great music to listen while coloring pages.
• 100% FREE content.

Ninja super heroes with animals turtles coloring game book is also a very useful tool for Boys and Girls to develop imagination and creativity and increase the level of concentration! You will find here all super Ninja of the Turtles characters like: raphaelle, donnatello, leonnardo, michelangello, super shreeddere, appril o’neill and also splinter.

Creativity is tested by coloring, painting and decorating works with multiple stamps and graphics of many amazing characters of your favorite ninja of turtle’s super heroes mutant’s.
The colorings can be saved in the application or in gallery for editing and continue at any time.
The app works on all devices.

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This is NOT an Official App but simply made by a fan for fans of cartoon
T M N T game. All copyrights and trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Pictures in this application were collected from all over the web, if we violated your copyright, please let us know and it will be removed as soon as possible.

#1. Turtles coloring hero ninja (Android) By: 2GX
#2. Turtles coloring hero ninja (Android) By: 2GX
#3. Turtles coloring hero ninja (Android) By: 2GX
#4. Turtles coloring hero ninja (Android) By: 2GX

Name of Game: Turtles coloring hero ninja

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Turtles coloring hero ninja MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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